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Anti-Aging Skin Care Advice

Anti-aging skin care is about more than slapping on a cream and calling it a day. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to fight wrinkles naturally, what to eat to make you look younger, or how to repair sun damaged skin, there’s an anti-aging skin care regimen out there that will work for you. The right anti-aging skin care routine can not only make you look younger, but also make you feel more like yourself again. As they say, you’re only as young as you feel—and our anti-aging skin care advice can help you get there.

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Beware of This Anti-Aging Treatment That Could Be Destroying Your Skin


Beware of This Anti-Aging Treatment That Could  Be Destroying Your SkinIf you frequently use over-the-counter anti-aging products and skin treatments, how much attention do you pay to the list of ingredients on them? If you’re not in the habit of checking what’s in your anti-aging skin care products, you need to start because, if you’re not careful, that at-home skin treatment can lead to painful, permanent consequences.

A woman in the U.K. recently suffered from severe blisters and swelling on her face after using a popular anti-aging skin treatment containing a chemical called methylisothiazolinone, or MI for short. It took six months for her skin …

4 Anti-Aging Tips for Men with Sensitive Skin


4 Anti-Aging Tips for Men with Sensitive Skin_1Having soft, supple skin is usually something we associate with women. But why shouldn’t men be able to enjoy healthy skin that’s free from redness and other visible blemishes? Just as much as women, most men also want to be free from the irritations of dry and sensitive skin.

Men, especially older ones, often pride themselves on being “tough,” on being able to withstand pain and endure tests of strength and stamina. Perhaps it’s this macho ideal that makes it difficult for many of them to fess up about having sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin knows …

Would You Try This Controversial Anti-Aging Solution to Look Younger?


Would You Try This Controversial Anti-Aging Solution to Look YoungerHave the science and health industries finally discovered the fountain of youth? Experts believe we’re on the brink of uncovering the anti-aging secret to heal disease, prevent skin from aging, and restore a more youthful appearance. This anti-aging secret is stem cells.

Stem cell research has been a hot, controversial topic for decades, perpetuating the notion that stem cells in the human body are the anti-aging solution we’ve been searching for because they can heal and cure various diseases. What exactly is this science-based “fountain of youth” technology, and are lab-grown stem cells really the …

How to Really Enjoy Salty Foods in Your Anti-Aging Diet


How to Really Enjoy Salty Foods in Your Anti-Aging Diet_1Society today is fixated with which salt is better for your anti-aging diet, sea salt or table salt. The mineral substance, also known as sodium chloride, can be mined, producing rock salt (table salt), or obtained from seawaters around the world (sea salt). It seems the salt debate is out to sea one minute, and grounded the next.

Eating too much salt in general is believed to be detrimental for your health, more so for people who have high blood pressure or kidney disease. There also seems to be a debate within mainstream medicine about …

Have You Been Duped By Fake Botox?


Are You Being Duped Into Using Fake Botox?Botox has quickly become the go-to wrinkle treatment for fighting the visible effects of aging on the skin. The process involves injecting a diluted form of the botulinum toxin into the underlying muscles on your face to fill existing wrinkles and prevent new ones from surfacing by constricting the movement of your facial muscles.

Botox has become such a popular wrinkle treatment that some people even hold Botox parties, where attendees can have the procedure done in the comfort of home, as opposed to a dermatologist’s office. However, doctors strongly advise against this because even …

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