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Demi Moore


At 50 years old, actress Demi Moore is still one of the hottest women in Hollywood—even when paired up against women who are half her age. So how does Moore do it?

For years, Demi Moore has maintained a strict, healthy diet. She does not overindulge and eats tons of fruits, vegetables, and organic products. Moore has also been known to follow a raw food diet. This means no processed foods and nothing that is cooked over 118 degrees. Like most women, she still enjoys treats like ice cream and chocolate—she just eats them in small portions. It seems to be working because, even after three kids, Demi Moore still has the same slim figure she had in her 1996 film Striptease.

On top of her healthy diet, Demi Moore also exercises regularly, which is something we can all do if we really wanted to. Moore is serious when it comes to her workout. Her go-to exercise regimens are usually yoga, Pilates, or high-intensity cardio.

  • Joni Maria L

    TOTAL BS! Demi has had plastic surgery, not only on the boobies but elsewhere, as MOST celebs do…. because they don’t wanna be portrayed as an “aging” actress plus she believes that is the ONLY way to get hot young boy toys! Gimme a break!

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