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Nothing is guaranteed in life, including our health, which can be compromised at any time. It may be true that overall health becomes more vulnerable with age, but it’s also true that with the right anti-aging solutions, it’s more possible than ever to live to 100. Health and wellness through the years can be affected by a variety of different factors, including what you put into your body and how often you get up and moving. Implementing anti-aging nutrition and anti-aging fitness strategies in your daily life can mean the difference between giving into old age and potentially being able to live to 100—and enjoy it!

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Cracking the Anti-Aging Potential of Pistachios


Cracking the AntiAging Potential of Pistachios_1According to the most recent numbers, pistachios are flying off store shelves, registering a 24% increase in sales in 2012 alone. And when you start to uncover the anti-aging health benefits, it’s no surprise this superfood is such a hot-ticket item.

Pistachios are an anti-aging superfood touting a seemingly endless list of nutrients, including proteins, healthy dietary fats, copper, phosphorous, vitamin E, vitamin B6, lutein, zeaxanthin, and manganese, plus antioxidants to boot. A serving of pistachios (approximately one ounce, or 30 grams) contains just 160 calories—much lower than their nut and fruit counterparts—three grams of …

Why Diet Drinks Are Detrimental for Anti-Aging Nutrition


Why Diet Drinks are Detrimental for Anti-Aging Nutrition_1Diet sodas are often marketed as being a harmless, healthier substitute for sugar-laden soft drinks and juices because they offer the same delicious taste, but without the high calorie and carbohydrate count. If you’ve ever tried to use your anti-aging diet to drop a few pounds, you may have even bought into the idea. But the truth is, diet soda really isn’t much of a saving grace for your weight loss diet. In fact, it can actually do more harm over the long-term.

Artificial Sweeteners

The sugar from diet sodas is removed and replaced with …

4 Anti-Aging Foods That Make Oily Skin Worse


4-Anti-Aging-Foods-That-Make-Oily-Skin-Worse_MAIN(STATIC)No one enjoys having to deal with oily skin, which not only looks unhealthy, but can lead to the development of unsightly blackheads and pimples. Oily skin often has its roots in genetics—if your mother or father had skin that produced a lot of oil, you’re more likely to have the same problem. That being said, there are some tweaks you can make to your anti-aging diet that can minimize the amount of oil your skin cells produce. Here are the four top food groups you should exclude from your anti-aging diet if you want …

Is Greek Yogurt Really Better for Your Anti-Aging Diet?


Is Greek Yogurt Really Better for Your Anti-Aging Diet_1You already know about all of the health benefits that come with adding yogurt to your anti-aging diet, especially what it can do for your digestive health. And you’ve probably heard some of the recent hype surrounding Greek yogurt. But, like a lot of other people, you may have found yourself questioning if Greek yogurt is really any different than the traditional yogurt, which also happens to be a bit more affordable. But as it turns out, Greek yogurt is actually better for your digestive health, and provides an even longer list of health benefits …

5 Secrets to a Perfect Anti-Aging Diet


5 Secrets to a Perfect Anti-Aging Diet_1Have you ever wondered why some people look 20 years younger than they really are? Is it because they have good genes or lots of money to pay for expensive anti-aging spa treatments? The truth is that it could very well be neither of those reasons. It could simply be that these individuals have discovered this one simple truth: a healthy, well-rounded anti-aging diet can fend off many of the common symptoms of aging.

Food can play a huge role in slowing down the process of aging in the heart, eyes, skin, kidneys, and liver …

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