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Nothing is guaranteed in life, including our health, which can be compromised at any time. It may be true that overall health becomes more vulnerable with age, but it’s also true that with the right anti-aging solutions, it’s more possible than ever to live to 100. Health and wellness through the years can be affected by a variety of different factors, including what you put into your body and how often you get up and moving. Implementing anti-aging nutrition and anti-aging fitness strategies in your daily life can mean the difference between giving into old age and potentially being able to live to 100—and enjoy it!

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How to Get the Most Out of Exercise at Home


How-to-Get-the-Most-Out-Of-Exercise-At-HomeWhether you exercise at home or at the gym, some form of physical activity is essential for aging well. We know of the infinite benefits that exercise at home has on physical health, but more and more findings have been emerging as of late to support the idea that exercise at home is just as important for mental health.

A recent study by researchers at the University of Otago has discovered that aging adults can strengthen their mental function and help keep their minds disease-free just by doing regular exercise at home, specifically by doing … Read More

4 Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergy Relief


4 Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergy ReliefIf you’re looking for natural allergy relief, you’re not the only one. Spring has finally sprung and while a lot of people are breathing in a sigh of relief, others are breathing in a lot more, because exposure to grass, trees, flowers, pollen, mold spores, dust mites, and bee stings can all trigger your seasonal allergies, and it only gets worse with age.

When you age, the nasal obstruction can weaken the supporting cartilage in the nose. Allergy symptoms become worse because aging reduces microvascular blood flow, which leads to dryness and crusting. Older adults’ … Read More

3 Things You Should Be Eating to Lose Weight After 40


3 Things You Should Be Eating to Lose Weight After 40Whether you’re discussing anti-aging concepts or general health issues, losing weight is almost always part of the conversation. The simple fact is that many people are carrying too much body weight.
There are two key factors that influence why people gain weight and why so many weight loss diet plans fail: it’s much easier for the human body to gain weight than to lose it, and people unintentionally train themselves to be efficient fat-gainers by making poor lifestyle choices.

The Weight Loss Diet Conundrum: Why It’s Easier to Gain It Than to Lose It

It’s … Read More

Study Reveals the Secret to Living Longer and Healthier


Study Reveals the Secret to Living Longer and HealthierThere has been a great deal of interest in what people can do to keep aging well and live a longer, healthier life. Some of the answers are common sense, like quitting smoking and drinking less alcohol, while others are not as clear-cut. But the fact of the matter is that when it comes to aging well and increasing longevity, most of the methods are directly related to the type of lifestyle you choose.

The accumulation of excessive body fat, the consumption of a poor diet, lack of regular physical activity, and high stress levels … Read More

Our Favorite Recipe for Healthy and Delicious Guacamole



This anti-aging recipe is the ultimate snack for when you have a craving during the day. You can devour this guacamole guilt-free, because its primary ingredient, the avocado, contains several beneficial nutrients for your anti-aging diet.

Some people might avoid fat in their anti-aging diet, but avocados contain more essential heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, such as oleic acid, than unhealthy saturated fat. The avocados in this anti-aging recipe also contain important nutrients with antioxidant properties, which can help control the risk of diseases such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and particular types of cancer. Vitamin C is … Read More

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