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Since sitting at the dinner table as kids, it’s been engrained in us that we need to eat our fruits and vegetables to stay healthy. This is true and this shouldn’t change as aging adults, but there’s a long list of other anti-aging foods that are packed with added health benefits, even some that you would never expect. And the beauty of these anti-aging foods is that they aren’t rare or exotic—many of the best anti-aging foods can be found in your local supermarket, if not in your kitchen already. So, on your quest for ways to look younger, remember that what you put on your plate can be just as effective as what you put on your skin.

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4 Skin Care Tricks for Healthier, Younger Looking Skin


4-Skin-Care-Tricks-for-Healthier,-Younger-Looking-SkinChildren’s skin usually looks virtually flawless. That soft, supple feeling of youthful skin becomes harder and harder to maintain as we get older. Because the skin is the first point of contact to the outside world and to damaging environmental factors, age-related changes in our bodies are often reflected on its surface first. Certain skin conditions—like psoriasis, eczema, and even acne—also become more prevalent with aging, and can leave skin feeling dry, itchy, and swollen. It’s hard to look younger when your skin is so irritated.

Here’s what it comes down to: younger skin looks … Read More

4 Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergy Relief


4 Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergy ReliefIf you’re looking for natural allergy relief, you’re not the only one. Spring has finally sprung and while a lot of people are breathing in a sigh of relief, others are breathing in a lot more, because exposure to grass, trees, flowers, pollen, mold spores, dust mites, and bee stings can all trigger your seasonal allergies, and it only gets worse with age.

When you age, the nasal obstruction can weaken the supporting cartilage in the nose. Allergy symptoms become worse because aging reduces microvascular blood flow, which leads to dryness and crusting. Older adults’ … Read More

3 Things You Should Be Eating to Lose Weight After 40


3 Things You Should Be Eating to Lose Weight After 40Whether you’re discussing anti-aging concepts or general health issues, losing weight is almost always part of the conversation. The simple fact is that many people are carrying too much body weight.
There are two key factors that influence why people gain weight and why so many weight loss diet plans fail: it’s much easier for the human body to gain weight than to lose it, and people unintentionally train themselves to be efficient fat-gainers by making poor lifestyle choices.

The Weight Loss Diet Conundrum: Why It’s Easier to Gain It Than to Lose It

It’s … Read More

Everything That’s Wrong with Your Milk (and 5 Healthier Alternatives)


Everything Thats Wrong with Your MilkFor years, we’ve been told that cow’s milk and dairy products must be part of a healthy anti-aging diet, and these claims have mostly been based on one nutrient: calcium. Without it, how could we maintain strong bones or avoid osteoporosis as we age? The truth is that we can get calcium from a plethora of plant-based foods in our anti-aging diet, including kale, spinach, collard greens, broccoli, and sesame seeds.

The famous Food Guide pyramids have been telling you that milk and dairy are an essential part of a complete and balanced diet, but … Read More

The Best Anti-Aging Foods to Eat Before and After Your Workout


The Best Anti-Aging Foods to Eat Before and After Your WorkoutWhether you are participating in a pickup hockey game or are just getting in your daily workout, your body needs fuel to get through your anti-aging fitness routine. That fuel comes from the food you eat both before and after your workout.

Poor anti-aging diet choices can make it more difficult to get through your anti-aging fitness routine, making it harder to achieve your personal fitness goals, whether it’s weight loss or just staying active. That’s why it’s especially important that your anti-aging fitness diet contains the right macronutrients, including the carbohydrates, protein, and fats … Read More

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