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Since sitting at the dinner table as kids, it’s been engrained in us that we need to eat our fruits and vegetables to stay healthy. This is true and this shouldn’t change as aging adults, but there’s a long list of other anti-aging foods that are packed with added health benefits, even some that you would never expect. And the beauty of these anti-aging foods is that they aren’t rare or exotic—many of the best anti-aging foods can be found in your local supermarket, if not in your kitchen already. So, on your quest for ways to look younger, remember that what you put on your plate can be just as effective as what you put on your skin.

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5 Anti-Aging Food Ingredients They Don’t Want You to Know About


5 Anti-Aging Food Ingredients They Dont Want You to Know About_1If you’re one of those people who improves their anti-aging diet by checking out food labels—which we all should get into the habit of doing more often—what exactly are you looking for? Chances are, most of you are looking at the calorie, fat, sodium, sugar, and carbohydrate counts when deciding whether or not to add something to your anti-aging diet. However, there are a slew of other ingredients out there we also need to take into account when choosing what is and isn’t safe to eat.

The one thing that the labels on most anti-aging …

These Popular Anti-Aging Weight Loss Tricks are Really Making You Fatter


This Popular Anti-Aging Weight Loss Trick Is Really Making You Fatter_PAGE1I’ve noticed that the weight loss diet fad has really erupted in the past few years. It seems everyone wants that quick fix—people want to shed pounds quickly, effectively, and without having to invest too much time or energy. And the weight loss diet industry has certainly banked on this mindset, especially when combining it with the anti-aging market—they’ll tell you that you can look and feel younger by following this latest weight loss diet plan. And thus a new fad is born.

I call it a “fad” because a weight loss diet plan can …

The 5 Best Anti-Aging Foods for Vegans


The-5-Best-Anti-Aging-Foods-for-Vegans_MAIN-(STATIC)If you’re a vegan, you know that it can be a little trickier to put together a well-rounded anti-aging diet—a vegan’s anti-aging diet cannot include meat or any meat products, including eggs, dairy, or anything else that is derived from animals. But even without meat or meat products, a vegan’s anti-aging diet is probably a lot healthier than the average person who eats everything. Our body uses more energy to break down meat products, so if meat is eliminated from your anti-aging diet and replaced with fruits, vegetables, and other sources of protein, it won’t …

Are Big Food Companies Making Us Age Faster?


Are Big Food Companies Making Us Age Faster_1Eating well is essential for aging well. So, it’s scary to consider that the food you’re eating day in and day out could actually be putting you in danger. Aging well is largely affected by what you consume and how you live your life, and a big part of that is having a firm grasp on what is and isn’t safe to put in your body. If you haven’t been an avid label-reader in the past, aging well could be your incentive to start now. The following are a list of popular ingredients found in …

Can This Anti-Aging Superfood Prevent Arthritis?


Can This Anti-Aging Superfood Prevent Arthritis_1If you suffer from arthritis, relief may be easier than you think because, according to new research, all you need to do is eat more broccoli. A recent study out of the U.K. has found that broccoli can slow the progression of osteoporosis, the most commonly diagnosed form of arthritis, by reducing cartilage damage around your joints—damaged cartilage is what causes your chronic joint pain.

Broccoli naturally contains a compound called sulforaphane. When consumed, sulforaphane appears to block the enzymes in your body that cause the joint damage seen in arthritis sufferers. In the study, …

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