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Since sitting at the dinner table as kids, it’s been engrained in us that we need to eat our fruits and vegetables to stay healthy. This is true and this shouldn’t change as aging adults, but there’s a long list of other anti-aging foods that are packed with added health benefits, even some that you would never expect. And the beauty of these anti-aging foods is that they aren’t rare or exotic—many of the best anti-aging foods can be found in your local supermarket, if not in your kitchen already. So, on your quest for ways to look younger, remember that what you put on your plate can be just as effective as what you put on your skin.

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Why Your Food Addiction Is Making You Age Faster


Why Your Food Addiction Is Making You Age FasterIt’s no secret that here in North America, consumers’ anti-aging diets have become overpowered by three particular ingredients, no matter what type of food they’re consuming for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. These three food groups are responsible for triggering pleasure centers in the brain and have been the focus of some impressively complex research into the nature of addiction. When we eat these foods, we can’t help but want more—while this has proven to be a boon to the food industry, it’s been a huge obstacle for our anti-aging diets.

The three food groups in …

Use This Anti-Aging Spice to Fight Disease


Use This Anti-Aging Spice to Fight Disease_1Well before cinnamon was sprinkled on your fruits, lattes, and pies, this superfood was popular among ancient civilizations for its health and medicinal benefits.

In ancient Rome, cinnamon was more valuable than gold because it was very rare, and only the rich could afford it. Thousands of years ago, the cinnamon tree was also found in Sri Lanka. The spice is believed to have traveled throughout Europe, Egypt, and China as early as 2700 BC. There is even reference of this superfood in the Bible, and it was also heavily relied on during Medieval European …

How to Really Enjoy Salty Foods in Your Anti-Aging Diet


How to Really Enjoy Salty Foods in Your Anti-Aging Diet_1Society today is fixated with which salt is better for your anti-aging diet, sea salt or table salt. The mineral substance, also known as sodium chloride, can be mined, producing rock salt (table salt), or obtained from seawaters around the world (sea salt). It seems the salt debate is out to sea one minute, and grounded the next.

Eating too much salt in general is believed to be detrimental for your health, more so for people who have high blood pressure or kidney disease. There also seems to be a debate within mainstream medicine about …

7 Foods You Need to Stay Sharp After 40


7-Foods-You-Need-to-Stay-Sharp-After-40_MAIN(STATIC)Many of us spend a lot of time focusing on our physical health, but we may not take the time to give our mental health the attention it deserves. Staying sharp mentally is just as important, as it can affect everything from your memory to being able to perform at your job. Being able to think clearly is an essential part of everyday life, both professionally and personally.

One way to maintain your mental health as you get older is by adding more brain foods to your anti-aging diet. Here are some of the best …

4 Foods to Boost Energy, Fight Fatigue, and Look Younger


4 Foods to Boost Energy, Fight Fatigue, and Look Younger_1If you’re trying to feel younger, but are always tired and drained, you may be suffering from fatigue. Our energy reserves can be depleted by so many different factors, and this is perhaps even more pronounced as we age. While you might have been able to get away with pushing your body to the limit as a young adult, this becomes increasingly difficult as you reach your senior years when, rather than feel younger, you feel much older. Plus, fatigue is often a side effect of many age-related diseases and conditions, as well as many …

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