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Since sitting at the dinner table as kids, it’s been engrained in us that we need to eat our fruits and vegetables to stay healthy. This is true and this shouldn’t change as aging adults, but there’s a long list of other anti-aging foods that are packed with added health benefits, even some that you would never expect. And the beauty of these anti-aging foods is that they aren’t rare or exotic—many of the best anti-aging foods can be found in your local supermarket, if not in your kitchen already. So, on your quest for ways to look younger, remember that what you put on your plate can be just as effective as what you put on your skin.

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Should Coffee Be Part of Your Anti-Aging Diet?


Should Coffee Be Part of Your Anti-Aging Diet_1It has become a part of our culture and a staple of our morning rituals. And yet, coffee still gets a bad rap when it’s part of an anti-aging diet. But it’s not all bad. It often comes as a surprise to a lot of people that coffee is now being hailed by many as a secret weapon in your anti-aging diet. So, don’t chuck your pot of java just yet. We’ve broken down some of the pros and cons of making coffee a part of your anti-aging diet.

The PROs of Coffee in Your …

Why Chocolate Can Actually Be Good For Your Anti-Aging Diet


Why Chocolate Can Actually Be Good for Your Anti-Aging Diet_1Many of us have an insatiable sweet tooth, but will do everything in our power to avoid chocolate because it’s supposedly so unhealthy. Even after giving into the temptation, a lot of us tend to feel guilty afterwards. However, you may not have to quit chocolate entirely because dark chocolate can actually enhance your anti-aging diet. If you haven’t heard about the benefits of dark chocolate as part of your anti-aging diet, you’re in for a real treat. Chocolate can not only satisfy your craving, but it’s also packed with powerful antioxidants.

Antioxidants are critical …

Should Whey Protein Be Part of Your Anti-Aging Diet?


Should Whey Protein Be Part of Your Anti-Aging Diet_1Whey protein is a by-product of cheese and is popular for its ability to help people stay fit and build muscle. Whey protein is often used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to maintain a healthy body mass. Surprisingly, it’s also used in anti-aging nutrition. Although whey protein can be found naturally in foods like ricotta cheese and milk, it’s usually taken as a supplement. There are a few different types of whey protein supplements: isolate, concentrate, and hydrolysates. The main differences are in their processing, which makes some easier to digest than others.…

The Best Foods for an Anti-Aging Detox


The Best Foods for an Anti-Aging Detox_1If you often find yourself feeling tired, achy, and irritable, you might want to try a detox anti-aging diet to not only feel better, but to look younger too. There are a few superfoods that are packed with a powerhouse of nutrients that get your gears grinding the way they should, which can make you look younger and actually slow down the aging process.

Detoxing doesn’t mean starving yourself—it’s just a means of cleansing to get rid of toxins that build up from the consumption of processed foods. Our body is naturally detoxing all the …

4 Anti-Aging Foods to Fix Your Dry Skin


4 Anti-Aging Foods to Fix Your Dry Skin_PAGE 1We all know that anti-aging nutrition is a key player in your overall health and well-being. Let’s be honest, though. It’s a little harder for a lot of people to commit to eating healthy when you can’t witness the immediate results—after all, you unfortunately won’t drop a pant size overnight. But if you could actually see how your body favorably reacts to certain foods, would it make you more inclined to continue eating them? Anti-aging foods aren’t just good for your health, but they can also have a drastic effect on the appearance of your …

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