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Sandra Bullock


Whether it’s her bubbly personality, killer body, or flawless skin, it seems like Sandra Bullock hasn’t changed in years.

Bullock keeps her diet in check by making meal plans each week, leaving room for one “cheat day.” Some of the healthy staples in her meals are brown rice, black beans, lentils, lean chicken, and steamed vegetables. She also eats six small meals a day, as opposed to fewer meals with larger portions.

For her workouts, Sandra Bullock likes to mix up her routines not just to avoid getting bored, but so that her body doesn’t plateau from doing the same thing over and over. Her favorite workouts are Pilates, weight training, and kickboxing.

Sandra Bullock also isn’t afraid to try bold makeup looks—like fuchsia lips—which give her a fun, youthful essence. Bullock also uses anti-aging cream, something she never used to think about in her younger days. “Everyone makes such a big deal about ageing and I never used to think about it, but now I find myself paying more attention,” says the actress. “I have no idea how I’ll look at 60, but I do like experimenting with all the new creams out there.”


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