3 Reasons Your Hair Ages Faster Than It Should

3 Reasons Your Hair Ages Faster Than It Should_1While many of us are well aware of the effects of aging when it comes to our skin, it might surprise you to know that your hair—even though it may not look it—is suffering from the causes of aging as well. In fact, the causes of aging when it comes to your hair actually start taking a toll on your tresses well before you even notice the changes, and they can occur at any age. Do your locks seem like they’re thinning? Brittle? Dry? This may all have to do with three simple factors: stress, hormones, and diet.

1. Stress

Hair loss and thinning can be triggered by stress, and the effects are often delayed by a few months. Stressful events that can cause hair loss may include a traumatic accident, the loss of a loved one, or even prolonged money troubles. When stress is one of the causes of aging in hair, your follicles go into a sort of shock or sleep state, stopping growth for a significant period of time before new strands start to grow. The eventual growth of new hair pushes out the old hair, causing hair loss and thinning. To fight the causes of aging in hair when it comes to delayed and acute stress, include stress management or activities that promote relaxation in your anti-aging hair care routine— yoga, meditation, or even a daily bath with a few drops of lavender oil can reduce stress, which in turn can help promote hair growth.

2. Hormones

Fluctuations in hormones may be one of the most common causes of aging hair. Hormones have an effect similar to that of stress on your hair’s health. Fluctuations can cause your body to experience stress, forcing hair growth to halt. It can also go the other way—stress can cause hormonal fluctuations, which then affect the look and feel of your strands. Some factors that may contribute to hormones as one of the causes of aging hair are hormonal contraceptives (i.e., birth control pills or hormonal intrauterine devices), pregnancy, hormone therapy, or menopause. When it comes to hormones, there’s not much that you can add to your anti-aging hair care routine; generally speaking, these fluctuations usually pass, and your hormones should balance themselves out again. However, you can use a combination of relaxation techniques and a healthy diet to help minimize the effects. Hormone therapy is an option, but an extreme one, and anti-aging hair care usually doesn’t warrant it.

3 Reasons Your Hair Ages Faster Than It Should_23. Anti-Aging Diet

As one of the causes of aging hair, your anti-aging diet is probably the easiest to treat. When it comes to nutritional deficiencies, it can be hard to identify exactly what you’re missing from your anti-aging hair care diet. Most often, the culprits are high cholesterol and insufficient B vitamins, iron, protein, or vitamin C. In treating nutritional deficiencies as one of the causes of aging in hair, make sure your anti-aging diet is high in B vitamins, protein, iron, and vitamin C, and try to skip fatty, fried, or pre-packaged foods.

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When it comes to anti-aging hair care, the causes of aging are few, and they can be treated; in fact, the effects from the causes of aging when it comes to your hair are usually reversible. Because your hair is always growing and renewing itself, all you have to do is get to the root of the problem.