3 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Have-You-Thought-of-These-3-Unique-Mother's-Day-Gift-Ideas_1Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means you don’t have much time left to find unique Mother’s Day gift ideas. Flowers and jewelry are always nice, but this year, why not give your aging mom something she can actually use?

The fact of the matter is that as you get older, so does your mom. As you may have already noticed yourself, our bodies often just can’t work as well as they once used to, especially if movement is hindered by age-related joint pain, muscle aches, and instability. Even reduced cognitive function can have an impact. As a result, simple things like managing household chores can sometimes become arduous tasks for your aging mom. And oftentimes, the children are not always around to help as much as they would like to.

This is why, when it comes to your aging mom on Mother’s Day, you may want to consider gifts that address easy home living care seniors can make use of. The following are three unique Mother’s Day gift ideas that any aging mom would love.

Appoint Reliable, Affordable Meal Delivery Services

One thing a lot of people don’t consider with regards to aged care and easy home living is cooking every day, which can become a tedious task for your aging mom. It would be great if you could be around every day to help her prepare meals when she needs an extra hand, but that probably isn’t feasible for a lot of people.

Fortunately, there are companies that can do it for you, which can make for one of the most helpful and unique Mother’s Day gift ideas. These companies will deliver prepared meals that are fresh, healthy, and delicious so that your aging mom doesn’t have to worry about cooking all the time. You can also be sure that she’s eating well and that her diet is providing her with all of the vitamins and nutrients she needs to continue aging well. Meal delivery services usually offer a variety of plan options ranging in price, depending on how frequently you’d like meals delivered and for how long you’d like to use the service.

If your aging mother still enjoys cooking, another unique Mother’s Day gift idea is to remove the hassle of grocery shopping by having the items delivered at home. That way she has everything she needs to prepare her meals without having to worry about getting to and from the grocery or lifting heavy bags.

Voice-Activated Grocery List Organizers

Mother's Day Gift IdeaAnother one of the most unique Mother’s Day gift ideas to help make grocery shopping easier is a voice-activated
grocery list organizer. Mount it on the wall and all your aging mom has to do is press a button, say what she wants to add to the list, and then when she’s ready to go, she can print the list right from the device.

This is an especially useful tool for older adults who tend to be forgetful at times, or who need a little extra help remembering the little things. After all, the best Mother’s Day gifts for aged care are the ones that just make their life easier.

Retrofit Your Aging Mom’s Bathroom

This is one of the more complex, but still very unique Mother’s Day gift ideas—upgrade your aging mom’s bathroom so that it’s equipped with solutions for easy home living care seniors need, like adding bathtub grab bars and bath benches.

Bath safety for seniors is an issue that often gets overlooked, but is definitely important for the safety of your aging mom. For instance, stepping into and out of the tub can be dangerous for someone who isn’t completely stable on their feet—your mom can accidentally slip and seriously hurt herself. Adding features like bathtub grab bars and bath benches can help reduce the risk of dangerous falls and ensure that she’s able to get into the tub easily and safely.

Bath safety for seniors also includes making sure that lighting and flooring is up-to-date—bright lighting and slip-resistant material on the floor is preferred for aged care. If you’re thinking about retrofitting your mom’s bathroom for Mother’s Day, look into what options would be best suited to her needs.

At the end of the day, your mom will appreciate anything you give her, but this Mother’s Day, treat her to something that will not only make her life easier, but will help her do things that might be starting to wear her down. Plus, with unique Mother’s Day gift ideas like these, you can rest assured that your aging mom will be healthy, safe, and most importantly, happy. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there!