4 Anti-Aging Tips for Men with Sensitive Skin

4 Anti-Aging Tips for Men with Sensitive Skin_1Having soft, supple skin is usually something we associate with women. But why shouldn’t men be able to enjoy healthy skin that’s free from redness and other visible blemishes? Just as much as women, most men also want to be free from the irritations of dry and sensitive skin.

Men, especially older ones, often pride themselves on being “tough,” on being able to withstand pain and endure tests of strength and stamina. Perhaps it’s this macho ideal that makes it difficult for many of them to fess up about having sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin knows no boundaries when it comes to gender; men are just as likely as women to have skin that’s prone to irritation. What’s more, a man may be less likely to invest time into protecting and replenishing the health of their skin, exacerbating the skin’s natural tendency to react to products and other allergens.

For those men looking for quick anti-aging skin care tips to help deal with sensitive skin, you’ve come to the right place. The first step is to rule out any skin conditions that may be causing your dry skin, like psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, or dermatitis. Not sure? Make an appointment to see a dermatologist, who can guide you in the right direction for treatment options.

For those gentlemen who just naturally have sensitive skin, here are four anti-aging skin care tips that could help reverse the irritating symptoms associated with this skin type, including itching, dryness, burning, redness, and even acne.

Sensitive Skin Care Tip #1: Choose Your Shaving Cream Wisely

If there’s one area of the body that suffers the most from having sensitive skin, it’s the face. For men, shaving can just make it worse because sensitive skin is more prone to getting razor burn, which usually happens when the skin is irritated after using the wrong blade to remove facial hair. The sharp blades become dull with use, causing them to damage skin cells around the hair, especially if the skin on your face tends to be dry, as is often the case with sensitive skin. It also doesn’t help that the older you get, the thinner your skin gets, making it even more susceptible to nicks and cuts from your razor.

Make sure you choose a razor blade with a single or double blade; multiple blades are just too harsh on sensitive skin. Shave after taking a hot shower, as this softens the hairs and makes them more pliable. Also, use shaving cream to soften and moisturize the skin before shaving, and if you need to do more than one pass with the razor, re-lather—this will help reduce friction against your sensitive skin. Try using shaving cream that’s enriched with soothing herbs, like willow bark, for even more anti-aging protection for your skin.

4 Anti-Aging Tips for Men with Sensitive Skin_2Sensitive Skin Care Tip # 2: Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the staple of any anti-aging skin care routine, male or female. Although it’s been scientifically proven that men’s skin is naturally thicker than women’s, you still need to protect your skin against the constant onslaught of the sun’s harmful rays. Pick a sunscreen rated SPF 30 or higher and apply it every day, all year round—make sure to reapply every couple hours. UV radiation can seriously damage skin cells and significantly irritate sensitive skin even more.

Sensitive Skin Care Tip #3: Moisturize

Although a little shaving cream will moisturize your skin, you need to branch out and try some anti-aging skin care creams that are scientifically formulated to protect the skin, especially sensitive skin, from dryness. Men’s skin tends to be a little oilier than women’s, but even still, dry skin can be a huge problem, especially if you live in a colder climate. Go natural and buy a product made with rose, lavender, chamomile, aloe, or witch hazel to reduce the risk of irritating your sensitive skin.

Sensitive Skin Care Tip #4: Eat Healthy

You’ve heard the advice before when it comes to heart health, but you need a steady supply of healthy anti-aging foods to also combat sensitive skin. Foods high in sugar, fat, and saturated oils will only aggravate sensitive skin, so add lots of vegetables, fruits, and other whole, natural foods to your anti-aging diet.