4 Homemade Beauty Tips and Natural Herbal Remedies for Your Body

4-Homemade-Beauty-Tips-and-Natural-Herbal-Remedies-for-Your-Body_1There are plenty of homemade beauty tips and natural remedies for your face, but what about the rest of your body? Anti-aging skin care shouldn’t stop at your neck. Below are four natural body care recipes that are easy to make and can be used all over for healthier, younger-looking skin from head to toe.

Herbal Baths

Herbal remedies are perfect for anti-aging skin care, and a warm bath infused with dried herbs is one of the simplest natural body care remedies. All you need is a small six-inch square of cotton muslin fabric (empty, sealable tea bags work, too), an elastic band, string, ground oats, and a two tablespoons of your choice of dried herbs. To make this natural body care remedy, lay out the fabric, put the herbs and oats in the middle, gather the edges of the cloth, and secure them with the rubber band to keep everything inside. Then tie the string around the rubber band so that you can hang the herbal bag from the faucet into your bath; it’s like you’re steeping your bath the same way you would a tea.

Keep in mind that different herbal remedies have different effects for natural body care. There are certain herbs for healthy skin (chamomile, horsetail, calendula, peppermint, sage, and lemongrass), while others have a soothing effect to promote relaxation (lavender, thyme, jasmine, rosemary, eucalyptus, and bay leaf). Don’t be afraid to try combining different herbs until you find a mix you like. Herbal bath bags also make for a nice gift idea—everyone can use herbal remedies for natural body care.

All-Natural Body Scrub

Homemade beauty tips always include exfoliating using natural ingredients found in your kitchen. You’ve probably heard all about the need to exfoliate your face, but the skin on the rest of your body could also benefit from this important anti-aging skin care step. Scrubs for natural body care are most effective when you use them in the shower, since wet skin is more absorbent. Gently massage your skin all over with the mixture, focusing on problem areas like knees and elbows, and then rinse it off for skin that looks and feels softer, fresher, and brighter.

4-Homemade-Beauty-Tips-and-Natural-Herbal-Remedies-for-Your-Body_2The good thing about scrubs for natural body care is that there are so many different combinations of ingredients you can use. Here are some of the best ones we’ve seen:
• One ripe banana (mashed), three tablespoons of sugar, and a quarter-teaspoon of an essential oil

• Half-cup of brown sugar, half-cup of coconut oil, and a quarter-teaspoon of vanilla

• Half-cup of sea salt, half-cup of essential oil (argan, sesame seed, coconut, sunflower, or grape seed oil would be our top picks), and one teaspoon of fresh lemon zest (or replace lemon with orange, lime, or grapefruit.)

• One cup of brown sugar, half-cup of almond oil, half-teaspoon of vitamin E oil, one teaspoon of vanilla extract

• One cup of Epsom salt, four tablespoons of essential oil (see above for suggestions), fresh citrus zest (you can also add a few drops of a citrus essential oil), and one tablespoon of loose green tea.

Homemade Body Butter

One of the most important parts of anti-aging skin care is, of course, moisturizing. If you have sensitive skin, this natural body care recipe would be perfect, because it only uses naturally soothing ingredients. Using just a few basic ingredients, it’s easy to make your own homemade body butter; we discovered one recipe that smells great, is all natural, and has a luxuriously smooth consistency. You may need to head to your local health or whole food store for some of the ingredients in this natural body care recipe, but it’ll be worth it.

Combine half a cup each of organic coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter in a saucepan on low heat. Once all of the ingredients have melted, take it off the heat. Then mix in half a cup each of almond and vitamin E oil, as well as three or four drops of peppermint essential oil. Leave the mixture in your fridge for a couple hours to let it firm up. Once it’s chilled, use an electric hand or stand mixer to give it a smooth, whipped finish. This natural body care recipe should be fine when stored at room temperature, but if it gets too runny, just stick it in the fridge again.

Foot Soak and Scrub

Dry, cracked heels are very common among older adults, but this natural body care recipe can help, especially with the warmer sandal season coming up. Before using a foot scrub, it’s always a good idea to first soak your feet in warm water with Epsom salts and essential oil to soften the skin. Like the body scrub, foot scrubs can be made using a variety of different ingredients, but fresher is always better when it comes to your feet, so you can’t go wrong with peppermint. Mix the essential oil with olive oil and a cup of sugar. Another good natural body care scrub for cracked heels is two cups of sugar mixed into a third-cup of coconut oil with fresh lemon zest and a few drops of lemon essential oil.

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