4 Things to Do to Avoid Looking “Old” After 40

4 Things to Do to Avoid Looking Old After 40Reaching 40 isn’t as bad as a lot of people think. Most women feel confident about who they’ve become and what their future goals are. However, there are some natural changes that happen to the body once a woman enters her 40s, like the onset of menopause and the gradual shifting of hormone levels. With that in mind, here are four anti-aging solutions every woman over 40 should do.

Anti-Aging Solution #1: Start Building New Muscle

As you age, your body gradually starts to lose some muscle mass. The anti-aging solution to offset this loss is to make sure your anti-aging fitness routine includes weight-training or resistance-training exercises. Aim to do some weight training exercises three times per week. You’ll notice improvements in energy, endurance, and strength within just weeks of incorporating the weight-training element in your anti-aging fitness routine.

Anti-Aging Solution #2: Work on Your Cardio

Along with your diet, another anti-aging solution to help manage some of that extra stored body fat is to include cardio exercise with the weight-training in your anti-aging fitness routine. For ideal results, you should complete your cardio workout at about 50%-60% of your maximum heart rate for about 30 minutes every day. Cardio isn’t just an anti-aging solution for body fat; it’s also good for your heart. Various scientific reports and studies have linked physical activity, like cardio, to a significantly reduced risk of developing heart disease later on in life. If you have sensitive joints, you can still benefit from this anti-aging solution—just try more moderate or lower-impact cardio exercises, like walking or cycling, instead.

Anti-Aging Solution #3: Revamp Your Anti-Aging Diet

4 Things to Do to Avoid Looking Old After 40This is an anti-aging solution to counteract the changes in your metabolism after 40. You’ve reached the point in your life when you need to eat healthy meals every day, because eating too much sugar and processed foods is going to start catching up with you—usually in the form of steady weight gain. Metabolism is your body’s process of turning the food you eat into energy. If your body doesn’t use this fuel immediately, it either stores it in your body tissue or as body fat—that’s why when your body metabolism slows down after 40, you’re more likely to gain weight. The anti-aging solution is to load up on fresh fruits and veggies, unprocessed whole grains, lean protein, and healthier fats from sources like flax seed or olive oil.

Anti-Aging Solution #4: Stress Management

Many 40+ women have a lot of different responsibilities, like a family at home, stress in the workplace, and caring for aging parents. Once you hit 40, mastering effective stress management techniques is more important than ever. A good anti-aging solution for stress management is daily yoga, because it encourages calm and relaxation; plus, it’s easy to add to your anti-aging fitness plan. Other anti-aging solutions that tackle stress management include creative outlets like painting, singing, or dancing to release stress in a positive and productive manner; meditation to help relax and organize thoughts; writing in a personal journal to release pent-up thoughts and emotions; and talking it out with family and friends to get a fresh perspective.

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