5 Amazing and Effective Anti-Aging Treatments to Try in 2017

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Credits: Medical photograph designed by Katemangostar - Freepik.com

Anti-aging treatments are plenty. While some prefer easy and long-term solutions by scheduling appointments with dermatologists along with quick follow-up sessions, others love the idea of experimenting with homemade, natural anti-aging remedies. It is an important decision when it comes to one’s skin care.

If undergoing laser or any other kind of professional treatment, it would be wise to first choose a reputed dermatologist. While good dermatologists are expensive and hard to find, it does make sense to spend a few extra dollars, rather than go with someone who may damage your skin. Also, ensure you are 100% sure about the treatment you are about to get done. Research and ask friends, family or colleagues who may have had the treatment or simply search Google and check online reviews, including possible side-effects and post-treatment care. Ensure you consult the doctor for the best anti-aging creams and products that you can follow-up your treatment with.

If you don’t want to have professional treatment done or can’t afford it, there are plenty of homemade remedies to fit your budget. Most homemade anti-aging creams use natural products and are excellent for those with sensitive skin. The downside is that you will need to follow a schedule to apply the cream or mask almost every day and it will take a good period of time to show results. Thus, it is not the best option for those who are looking for healthier and younger-looking skin within a short time frame. The upside is that it will probably cost you a fraction of what you may have to put in for any professional skincare treatment.

The Chemical Peel

As the name suggests, it involves a layer of chemicals which eradicate the upper layer of skin, revealing the undamaged layer hidden below. While peels do not cause much harm to the outer layer, they are excellent for eliminating spots and hyper-pigmentation. The peel is applied evenly on the skin and has combination of glycolic, lactic, alpha and beta hydroxyl acids. Most people see good results after a week of starting the treatment. The treatment ranges from $300 to $500 per session and stings initially, regularizing after the first 15 minutes. “As we age, the desquamation process-meaning the skin’s own ability to shed its outer layer of skin-slows down. A moderate to strong peel is especially great for women over 50. If done properly, your skin lines will soften, collagen will be stimulated, hydration levels will be boosted, your skin tone will be more even and an overall glow will be noticeable,” says skin specialist, Colleen Lamoureux.

Credits: Medical photograph designed by Katemangostar - Freepik.com

Credits: Medical photograph designed by Katemangostar – Freepik.com


One of the most recent discoveries for under-eye bag reduction is XAF5, and it is the next best thing after plastic surgery. XAF5 is a molecule traditionally used in glaucoma drugs. When it is used as an anti-aging cream, XAF5 binds the fats cells under the skin and allows them to release fatty acids. The process is as simple as visualizing balloons lose air and it takes about three months with nightly use. XAF5 is going to be available on the market soon. It was also revealed that the same process is being studied and tested to eliminate body fat, too.

Credits: People photograph designed by Jannoon028 - Freepik.com

Credits: People photograph designed by Jannoon028 – Freepik.com

Best Homemade Anti-Aging Cream

Combine ¼ cup of almond oil, two tablespoons of coconut oil, two tablespoons of beeswax, ½ teaspoon of vitamin E oil, one tablespoon of Shea butter, and essential oils if desired. Melt together in a double boiler and when combined, pour into a glass jar and allow to set. Use the cream twice a day for best results.

Credits: Background photograph designed by Pressfoto - Freepik.com

Credits: Background photograph designed by Pressfoto – Freepik.com

Anti-Aging Mask and Scrub

Combine equal quantities of fresh blueberries and almonds with oats, honey, and milk in a blender until you achieve a coarse scrub. Apply this on clean skin and let it dry for 20 minutes. Gently scrub and wash it off, following it with a good toner.

Credits: Pexel.com

Credits: Pexel.com

Anti-Aging Cleanser

One of the best, natural anti-aging remedies is this rice milk skin cleanser. Mix together ¼ cup of brown rice flour with two or three teaspoons of unsweetened organic rice milk until a paste is formed. Massage this on to the skin for a few minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.

Credits: People photograph designed by Lyashenko - Freepik.com

Credits: People photograph designed by Lyashenko – Freepik.com



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