5 Anti-Aging Foods to Satisfy Your Biggest Junk Food Cravings

5 Anti-Aging Foods to Satisfy Your Biggest Junk Food CravingsA lot of kids growing up are all about the junk food—it consumes a big part of their diet. And while they may eat some fruits and vegetables here and there, it usually isn’t nearly enough to support a healthy, growing body. Oftentimes, that bad habit carries well into adulthood.

That junk food in your anti-aging diet contains additives, preservatives, fillers, and very few nutrients. Continuing unhealthy junk food habits contributes to major diseases later on in life, such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and various cancers. This is arguably one of the big contributing factors for the decreasing average life expectancy of Americans. Although some people might live long junk food-filled lives, the quality of life surely deteriorates with each passing year.

We’re constantly making junk food part of our anti-aging diets because they’re salty, sugary, and fatty, and we crave those tastes. We eat them because we connect that great day at the circus with cotton candy. We eat them because we love the way they make us feel. We eat them because they’re perfectly formulated to keep us wanting more and more.

No matter how solid your anti-aging diet is, we all crave something a little unhealthy sometimes. When that happens, replace your go-to junk food with anti-aging foods that satisfy the craving, but are actually good for you. Here are five junk foods to subtract from your anti-aging diet, and five anti-aging foods to replace them with to enhance health and wellness. It’s simple math, and it equals an optimal anti-aging diet.