A Beginner’s Anti-Aging Fitness Guide to Hot Yoga

A Beginners Anti-Aging Fitness Guide to Hot YogaPeople often have misconceptions about yoga, like that it’s only for women or that everyone who does yoga is extremely flexible. But to truly understand the anti-aging benefits of yoga, it is best to give it a try with an open mind, especially because there are so many different variations of this anti-aging fitness routine.

One of the branches of anti-aging yoga that has really been gaining popularity is hot yoga, where you perform traditional yoga postures, but in a room that’s heated to approximately 90 to 105°F. Whether you want to unwind and clear your head after a long and stressful day, or to just change up your daily workout, hot yoga is the perfect exercise, plus it offers a wide range of anti-aging benefits. There are also a few hot yoga options you may be interested in trying.

Hot Yoga Benefit #1: Your skin will look and feel younger

Many people think the benefits of yoga only include increased strength and flexibility, but because hot yoga forces your body to sweat, a hidden benefit of this anti-aging fitness routine is that it can help make your skin look younger. Hot yoga sequences detoxify, cleanse, rejuvenate, and revitalize your skin, opening the pores and expelling foreign chemicals and body toxins through your sweat.

Hot Yoga Benefit #2: Anxiety and stress management

Many older adults who regularly practice yoga love how it relaxes them, keeps them in shape, and balances their body and mind. Compared to aerobics or other intense anti-aging fitness classes, hot yoga classes help you sweat in a calm and relaxing way. This can bring more calm and peace into your life, therefore helping to reduce stress, minimize anxiety, and clear any psychological tension. When you practice hot yoga, or any type of yoga for that matter, you can reduce the levels of cortisol in your body, which is related to how your body responds to stress.

Hot Yoga Benefit #3: Effective weight-loss technique

Your hot yoga practice can effectively burn 500 to 1,000 calories, depending on how hard you work, because of the impact it has on your cardiovascular system. Practicing hot yoga also encourages a healthy lifestyle; you’ll likely be more inclined to change your eating habits to reflect that healthier lifestyle, which can further add to your weight loss efforts.

Hot Yoga Benefit #4: Relieve arthritis

It can take only a few hot yoga classes before you find arthritis relief. Your arthritis can be alleviated by a combination of the heat and how you move your body. Your joints are twisting, extending, and compressing, which is very helpful for those with arthritis. A physical activity like hot yoga can reduce the joint stress associated with arthritis, allowing your life to flow more positively.

Keep reading to learn about three different hot yoga variations.

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