Alessandra Ambrosio’s Must See Amazing Hair Look at L’Oreal Campaign Photoshoot

Alessandra Ambrosio's must see amazing hair look at L'oreal campaign photoshoot
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Model Alessandra Ambrosio’s hair look for the L’Oréal campaign photoshoot was sleek and healthy looking. Ambrosia is a L’Oréal ambassador and is the new face of Diarichesse Hi-Visibility no filter color. Ambrosio rocked a pretty simple hairstyle for the campaign, but her hair color looked incredibly rich and fresh, showing natural highlights. The hair color is currently only available in salons, so it isn’t something you can buy at your local drug store to put on at home. But it does promise to provide incredible shine and offer clients an incredible hair makeover.

L’oreal put together a promo for Diarichesse Hi-Visibility color that shows hair stylists perfecting a beautiful ombre tone on a hair model.

Diarichesse Hi-Visibility color is a tone-on-tone hair color that offers great shine even to the darkest of hair. It is ammonia-free and works to enhance a person’s natural hair color. Essentially, it works with a person’s natural base to give it added life while giving hair a natural pop in any type of lighting. Furthermore, unlike other hair dyes and hair colors, Diarichesse Hi-Visibility color doesn’t require sitting on the hair for extended periods of time. In fact, in 20 minutes or less you can achieve the look you want and carry on with your day.

Beach beauty Ambrosio has long been known for being one of Victoria’s Secret’s top angels, and now she is having her hair moment too.

Alessandra Ambrosio Hair Routine and Beauty Secrets

Ambrosio grew up with a mother whose beauty routine was quite simple. Ambrosio noted that some of her earliest memories of her mother were combining conditioners together in order to make a hair mask.

As for Ambrosio herself, she has followed suit in her mother’s footsteps and keeps her own beauty routine simple. She will often just put on moisturizer or big sunglasses, but has admitted she’d much rather change up her hair instead of her makeup.

Her beauty motto is “forever vacation” which means she aims to be as natural as possible. She doesn’t even use Instagram filters! Ambrosio is more obsessed with skin care products than makeup; this can be attributed to her never-aging skin. A big part of her beauty routine is to wear sunscreen regularly, as she’s begun noticing brown spots.

As for her must-have products, Ambrosio always carries around dry shampoo to get rid of oil and maintain volume throughout the day. She also loves mascara and lip balms. As you can tell, Ambrosio really is quite simple when it comes to her beauty routine.

As for looking great, Ambrosio works with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson who helps keep her body toned. She pairs her regular workouts with proper nutrition, feeding her body with the nutrients she needs to keep going throughout her busy days.

Alessandra Ambrosio is a natural beauty by far with simple beauty routines that keep her looking fresh and glowing. Now she has the hair to match!



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