Alicia Vikander, The Light Between Oceans Star, Spotted Make-Up Free at Chris Evans Breakfast Show

Alicia Vikander, The Light Between Oceans Star, Spotted Make-Up Free at Chris Evans Breakfast Show
(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Alicia Vikander, The Light Between Oceans star, appeared make-up free on the Chris Evans Breakfast show, which airs on BBC Radio. The star looked amazing with her natural look. This appears to be a growing trend among celebrities—if you tune in to The Voice you’ll see Alicia Keys, the woman who started the make-up free trend. Vikander’s make-up free look went well with her casual maxi dress and tennis shoes.

Alicia arriving to the BBC Breakfast Show this morning. #AliciaVikander

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Regardless of whether or not Vikander has make-up on, she always manages to have a glowing complexion, especially when she’s beside co-star and real life boyfriend Michael Fassbender.

Vikander has been noted to be a natural beauty as she is often seen with her own hair and natural eyebrows. Even her make-up is rarely overdone; instead it often is used to enhance her natural features.

Tips to Look Like Vikander

If you’re envious of Vikander’s glowing complexion, here are some tips to boost your own skin’s complexion. These tips come from Vikander’s own make-up artist Kelly Cornwall, who spoke with InStyle UK. For starters, it’s important to be well hydrated as consuming water regularly helps flush out toxins and keeps the skin looking plump and fresh. Cornwall also suggests using a good resurfacing mask to remove any dry skin or flakiness, which helps prepare the skin for moisturizing.

If you’re worried that your make-up looks caked on, Cornwall suggests preparing your face properly. She said that a well prepped face will prevent that caked on look and will also create a more natural look. You should avoid applying too much powder, but if you accidentally apply a lot and need to tame it down, you can do that by adding more moisturizer. Cornwall’s secret is to rub the moisturizer between your hands and gently pat it over your face: this helps promote a dewy look while removing some of that extra powder.

If your skin is cakey, specifically around the nose, Cornwall suggests using the same technique with a moisturizer, but instead use a cotton swab around the nose.

The Swedish actress has shown that she doesn’t even need any make-up to look flawless. All too often we see celebrities done up, so when an image of them surfaces without make-up, they look completely different. Always showing a done-up face to the world can put added stress on younger, more influential girls: they’ll think they need to follow suit.

Aside from Alicia Vikander revealing herself sans make-up, it’s nice to see that other celebrities are doing the same. You can see the movement growing on social media with the hashtag #NoMakeupMonday. Women from all over take part in the movement by revealing their fresh faces without make-up.


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