It’s Alyssa Milano’s Birthday! See “Mistresses” Star Beauty Secrets to Look Ageless at 44

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Photo credit: Instagram @milano_alyssa

Alyssa Milano turned 44 years-old this holiday season (December 19), and we aren’t sure if it’s only the holiday spirit that keeps the actress radiant and young. The beautiful Charmed star has been sharing Christmas joys on Instagram in the form of cute pictures.

Milano posted this picture with Christmas dolls on a table and captioned it, “Playing some reindeer games.”

Playing some reindeer games. #elfontheshelf

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Then there’s another one which says, “#Handmade Christmas soaps for my babies.”

And the cutest of all her Instagram posts is this one, Christmas decorations of elf hats done on a wall of photographs. I guess the “Elf on the Shelf” has been busy! #elfontheshelf


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The Mistress star turns 44 years-old today, December 19, and she still looks ageless. It appears that aging totally agrees with the petite actress. Last year, she got a new pixie haircut for her 43rd birthday, and we are still waiting to see what transformation Milano will undergo this year for her birthday.

Alyssa Milano’s Ageless Beauty Secrets

Diet and Lifestyle: Milano is a vegetarian by choice. She says that by removing animals from our diet, we not only protect them but also lose weight and gain energy. She advises to add protein in the diet through beans, legumes and other meat alternatives.

Hair: Milano is a natural brunette. The key to her youthful look is that she stays true to her natural hair color. She has got highlights like light brown, caramel brown and dark brown done but never changed the base color of her hair. Basically she chooses highlights that are quite close to her base color.

Hair Products: Alyssa Milano uses Wen hair products which she endorses as well. She is the spokesmodel of the brand, too. Wen is a special line of shampoo and conditioner which is lather-free and rich in nutrients.

Girl-Next-Door Look: To get her girl-next-door look, try soft pinks and dusty rose colors. Define the lip line with a lip pencil and fill the lips with a lip brush for a more natural finish. For the cheeks, pick a natural, soft-colored cream blush. Use a pearly highlighter over that to add some natural shimmer. Do the eyes with a brown pencil instead of a black and pick an eyeshadow in neutral colors like mauve, raisin, or pearl. Finish the look with false lashes on the outer corners of each eye.

Beauty Products: She loves sunscreen and uses Corrective Skin Care sunscreen. Her makeup products are from Sheer Cover and her one go-to makeup product is Chapstick to keep her lips moisturized at all times.

Fragrances: Though she dislikes deodorants, Milano loves Clinique Happy Perfume.

Beauty Tips: She recommends to wear sunscreen all the time and advises to stick to one’s natural hair color.

Alyssa Milano is happily married to Dave Bugliari and they have two beautiful children. On her birthday, we wish her all the happiness and success in the world, and we hope to see more of her in 2017.



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