Amber Heard Hair Transformation: “Justice League” Star Shakes up Her Look Ahead of Johnny Depp Divorce Settlement

Amber Heard Hair Transformation: "Justice League" Star Shakes up Her Look Ahead of Johnny Depp Divorce Settlement
Credit: Jason Kempin / Staff

Last year was pretty harsh for Amber Heard. In August, the actress separated from her husband, Johnny Depp, in a public divorce. What followed were allegations made by Heard on Depp for domestic violence, while others accused her of lying and made it even uglier.  Amber Heard went on and gave her proceeds from the divorce settlement to charity and spoke openly about domestic abuse.

While the world saw the gorgeous actress with a look of pity, she begged to differ. A few weeks later and the world was stunned—Amber Heard opted for a fabulous new hair transformation! Perhaps, it was her way of welcoming a positive outlook on life or getting over Depp, but whatever it was, we aren’t complaining because the Justice League star looks simply astonishing in her new hairdo!

Amber Heard’s Hair Transformation

Amber Heard’s natural hair color—a dirty blonde mostly kept at a bohemian length with a flowy texture—was chopped into a short and trendy collar-bone length bob. The actress stepped out in a pale white shirt, black bottoms and jacket, and let her hair do all the talking! Amber Heard’s hair color was still the same and complimented her flawless skin perfectly. She flaunted her new haircut with crimson red lipstick and matching nail color, looking hip and chirpy!

The Heard updo works best for those with thick, straight locks, and a pear or oval shaped face. It is advisable to keep your makeup minimal and your attire Western along with the long bob.

Amber Heard Beauty Secrets and Advice

Amber Heard believes in being natural and eating nutritious food. The celeb known for her daring red carpet looks and her blonde mane, shares some of her best beauty secrets:

  • Mark Calm and Composed Super Soothing Moisturizer was the secret behind her dewy skin at the 15th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala, recommended by celebrity makeup artist, Mai Quynh. A quick dab blended with your makeup or on its own and you’re good to go.
  • Amber Heard loves working out at the gym and ensures a regular fitness regime. “It’s all about feeling healthy,” claims the Justice League
  • She also especially focuses on the food she consumes and advises her fans to keep an eye on ingredients while grocery shopping, sticking to fresh and healthy produce. Amber Heard also ensures she does her own grocery shopping whenever possible and avoids picking processed foods off the shelves with ingredients she does not recognize.
  • For a sultry look, Amber Heard’s makeup artist, Spencer Barnes, shared a quick tip of using a touch of Hoola Bronzer by Benefit Cosmetics under one’s cheekbones. The bronzer highlights your face and adds a lovely glow! Finish your look with dark, smoky eyes for the evening.
  • Amber Heard swears by Suki Skin Care products. “I love how lightweight Suki tinted moisturizer is. When working, I often have to wear heavy makeup, so in my day to day life Suki products give my skin a much needed break and flawless glow,” claims the blonde-haired actress.



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