Amber Portwood, Zoe Kravitz Join the Blonde Hair Trend, While Demi Lovato Though Goes from Blonde to Brunette

Amber Portwood, Zoe Kravitz Join the Blonde Hair Trend, While Demi Lovato Though Goes from Blonde to Brunette
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Do blondes really have more fun? Well, don’t ask Demi Lovato because the singer and actress quickly went back to being a brunette a mere five days after trying out blonde hair. The former Disney star, 24, unveiled her return to dark locks to 48.6 million followers on Instagram Stories where she shared a coy photo of herself in bed, smirking, and captioned the pic “Back to brown.” Other stars who have jumped on the blonde hair trend recently include Zoe Kravitz and Amber Portwood.

Blondie ❤️

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Many fans thought Demi Lovato looked “beautiful” and “stunning” with her blonde hair. Earlier this month, Lovato tweeted that she was taking a break from the spotlight in 2017, saying she isn’t “meant for this business and the media.” In June, Lovato and long-time boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama called it quits after six years together.

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Actress Zoe Kravitz, daughter of musician Lenny Kravitz, went for a new look as well this week when she ditched her long black tresses for platinum blonde hair. “Blond like frank,” is what she wrote on her Instagram post in reference to Frank Ocean’s new album called Blonde. Hairstylist Daniel Moon did the dye job for Kravitz. He has also worked with Madonna and Katy Perry.

Kravitz has some deep thoughts on hair and said that she thinks  “all brown girls have a complicated relationship with their hair,” in an interview with Byrdie earlier this year. Of her braids, Kravitz said she had them done for the character she played in the movie Dope, and she liked them enough to keep them. “It’s good for my hair, and it looks cool and it’s easy,” she said.

Blond like frank. Thank you @majormoonn • ?•

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Another star to go blonde recently is Teen Mom star Amber Portwood, who has given herself a self-proclaimed “Mommy Makeover.” The star took to Instagram this week to give her followers an update on her new do where she showcased platinum blonde hair in a pose that had a Marilyn Monroe element to it. The mom of 7-year-old Leah has said she is having surgery to regain the confidence she had before having a child. “My mommy makeover is officially happening!” she said on Instagram before her September surgery.

Had a great time today with our beautiful audience..sending all my love ???

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How to Take Care of Color-Treated Hair

Going from, say, a brunette hair color to blonde of any kind requires removing actual pigment from strands of hair, and to do that, bleach and peroxide are used in the formulation. There’s no getting around that. The results might look fabulous, but most people are surprised when they go blonde by how drying the process is and how crunchy hair can feel.

Getting your hair to feel smooth and lustrous again will take time, but treating hair at least once a week with a deep conditioner is almost required so the hair can draw back in much of the moisture that has been lost through bleaching. There are many products on the market that will return moisture to hair, but an easy at-home solution that costs very little is to use olive oil or coconut oil. Both are time-honored hair conditioners that were used before man-made products were around.

All you do is apply enough of whichever oil you want so that your hair is saturated. You can leave it like that or cover your head with plastic wrap or a shower cap. It is best to leave on for at least two hours and overnight if possible. It is gentle enough to use as often as desired.



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