Anti-Aging Facial Yoga Exercises

smooth forehead facial yoga exercise

If you’re looking to erase years from your face without costly plastic surgery or potentially dangerous treatments such as Botox, face yoga may be the anti-aging treatment you’ve been looking for.

Face yoga is rapidly becoming the anti-aging treatment of choice for many; it has the same benefits as yoga, but it relaxes and tones the muscles of your face.

Since yoga is used as a relaxation technique, proponents of face yoga say that it helps to relax tense muscles that can contribute to the formation of wrinkles, giving you many of the benefits of a facelift or Botox injections by keeping your face nice and smooth.

Face yoga targets the muscles of the face that hold tension, specifically the jaw, brow, and forehead. If you do the following exercises on a daily basis, you may be able to counteract the effects of all the facial expressions we make on a daily basis that can contribute to the formation of wrinkles.

While face yoga won’t completely erase the look of wrinkles, there are six easy steps you can follow to look years younger without resorting to plastic surgery or Botox.

Yoga for Facial Skin Tightening

1. Eliminate Wrinkles with Smooth Forehead Yoga

To perform this face yoga exercise, widen your eyes to expose as much of the whites of your eyes as is possible. Hold this position until your eyes start to water (about 60 seconds).

Now, a face yoga exercise that makes your eyes water may not seem like the best way to eliminate wrinkles, but this is actually a highly beneficial exercise, as you are working the muscles around your eyes and forehead, erasing the effects of squinting by performing an exercise that does the exact opposite. As an added bonus, causing your eyes to water will remove toxins from your system.

2. Strengthens Cheek Muscles with Firm Cheeks Yoga Exercise

This face yoga exercise is quite simple to perform. Just take a big breath through your mouth and hold it so your cheeks are puffed out. After a few seconds, release the breath.

This cheek-firming face yoga exercise strengthens cheek muscles and prevents your cheeks from appearing thinner, which contributes to the hollow look you see on many people as they approach middle-age.

3. Eliminate Crow’s Feet

This face yoga exercise takes some practice, but when done properly, it can reduce the look of crow’s feet, the fine wrinkles around the eyes.

To start, lift and release your lower eyelid without moving any facial muscles. Then, press against the outer crease of your crow’s feet with your fingertips, applying gentle pressure. This will create enough pressure for the muscle to work against.

When doing this face yoga exercise, be sure to use gentle pressure; don’t pull too hard. Since the skin around your eyes is very sensitive, you might want to moisturize before performing this exercise.

4. Lift Nasal Labial Fold

This face yoga exercise is also known as the “puppet face.” To perform it, smile with your teeth showing, then gently press your fingertips into the creases between your nose and lips. Next, lift the muscles up and press your fingers down so as to apply slight resistance.

You’re probably well aware that round, plump cheeks are a sign of youthful vigor; this face yoga exercise will strengthen your cheek muscles, helping to restore more youthful, plump cheeks without having to resort to injectable fillers.

5. Strengthen Chin and Neck

This face yoga exercise has been dubbed the “baby bird.” To perform this exercise, press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, then swallow with your chin pointing to the ceiling.

The neck is often the first place we show signs of aging, and this face yoga exercise strengthens the muscles of your jaw as well as the platysma, the muscle that surrounds your upper chest and collarbone.

6. “Reset” Your Facial Habits

Yet another face yoga exercise with a cute nickname is the “Buddha face.” This is probably the easiest to do out of all the exercises. Simply picture Buddha’s face with his calm, slight smile and closed eyes; now, imagine that it’s been superimposed over yours and try to match his expression.

This face yoga exercise works a bit like rebooting a computer; you’re encouraging your face to smile instead of scowl or grimace, which many people do without realizing it, contributing to the further formation of wrinkles.

Other Facial Yoga Exercises

In addition to the face yoga exercises listed above, there are other exercises you can do that will leave you looking years younger.

When you were younger, your parents probably warned you that when you made a silly face or stuck out your tongue, your face would freeze like that. But if they actually knew the benefits of making sticking out your tongue, they might have encouraged you to do it much more often…while at home, at least! For this easy face yoga exercise, simply stick out your tongue so it’s hanging out over your chin for 60 seconds. If your eyes start to water, don’t worry; this is your body’s way of flushing out toxins.

Another simple face yoga exercise simply involves looking from side to side with your eyes. This is an excellent way to prevent sagging muscles and crow’s feet.

To firm your lips, pucker up and release your inner movie star by pretending to blow a kiss. Fittingly, this face yoga exercise has been dubbed the “Marilyn.”

In addition to face yoga exercises, be sure to drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and cut back on the amount of salt you consume, since this can dehydrate your skin, which can lead to the further formation of wrinkles.