Ariana Grande and Fans Not Happy with Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram Comment “Too Much Makeup”

Ariana Grande and Fans Not Happy with Lindsay Lohan's Instagram Comment “Too Much Makeup”
Credit: Kevin Winter / Staff

Never one to stay out of the controversial spotlight for very long, actress and singer Lindsay Lohan made waves this past week. Lohan visited singer Ariana Grande’s Instagram page, and while noting some selfies she posted of her rehearsing the musical, Hairspray Live! with co-star Dove Cameron, Lohan left the comment, “Too much makeup” on one of Grande’s solo selfie images.

Obviously, many people in the social media universe wasted no time in criticizing Lohan for her bizarre, unwarranted comments—leaving disparaging messages of their own on her social media profiles. But what was more notable was the revelation of how many people actually appreciate Grande’s style—particularly her makeup styles—and are interested in gaining knowledge of her style tactics.

Skincare All Around

Despite whatever Lindsay Lohan might have felt to the contrary, Ariana Grande takes great interest in her skin and what make-up she applies. Many have noted how good Grande’s complexion is—something she’s attributed to always removing her makeup after performances. It keeps blemishes away, helps reduce the chance of getting any acne, and leaves skin continually smooth.

As with many other performers, Grande swears by using coconut oil.  For her, it’s been a constant method of helping to keep her skin and hair shine with an added moisturizing agent. She also uses thick skin creams to help her skin appear smoother. Her makeup artist, Daniel Chinchilla, applies them with a beautyblender® sponge that he stands behind as the best possible applying tool for her skin.

Mascara-wise, she favors MAC’s Haute and Naughty, which Chincilla states it never clumps after it’s applied. For special performances, Chincilla also notes the use of Laura Mercier powder as an enhancer to whatever makeup he’s already applied to Grande’s face. It’s keeps the applied makeup strong, so it’ll hold up regardless of her stage scenario.

Eyeing Extra Features

If there’s one extra feature that she loves more than any, it’s eyelashes. Chincilla’s application of Grande’s lashes is a technique he’s mastered over time: first in terms of getting artificial lashes, and then placing them correctly. He advises to find the most natural looking eyelashes one can before cutting them in half, placing glue strips on them, and then applying them to the eye. For final lash styling, it’s necessary to use mascara on false lashes before and after curling. Again, this provides some solidity to what’s being applied to Grande’s face so that they are robust enough for public appearances.

Many have commented on how Ariana Grande wears black cat eye makeup and pale pink lipstick so well. Chincilla says this is achieved with “painting-like little strokes” and to be prepared to practice a bit. Grande’s look wasn’t necessarily achieved overnight and it can take a while to develop a good application technique for a nice-looking style.



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