Ariana Grande and Boyfriend Mac Miller Pose With Santa’s Reindeer on Instagram

Ariana Grande
Credit: Nicholas Hunt / Staff / Getty

Rocking her signature cat ears during live performances, music videos, and even on the red carpet, Ariana Grande is no stranger to having a little fun with costumes. On Monday evening, she got boyfriend Mac Miller into the dress up fun, and the two snapped an adorable selfie together as Santa’s reindeer.

Using the festive Snapchat filter to disguise their appearances, Ariana Grande posted the picture of her and boyfriend Mac Miller on Instagram for her fans to enjoy. Simply captioning her snap “!!!” we think it’s safe to assume that she’s just as excited for a visit from Santa Claus on Christmas morning as we are!


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Sporting her signature Ariana Grande ponytail, the starlet wore her fringe scattered across her brows, and boyfriend Mac Miller wore a black cap. She also posted a selfie of herself without her boyfriend by her side, using the same filter.

bitch…… you don't know santa like i do ok

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Ariana Grande’s makeup tips

Whether she’s in costume or not, Ariana Grande always manages to turn heads. A natural beauty that has a fresh, young looking face, we’ve yet to meet anyone that doesn’t lust after her look. With hair and makeup that’s lusted over my millions, we were ecstatic when her makeup artist, Daniel Chinchilla, sat down with Bella and Bear to reveal the secret to her flawless makeup looks.

First and foremost, we need to know how to get Grande’s gorgeous liner. Achieving a perfect cat eye is no simple feat, yet she seems to nail this eye makeup look every single time. Here’s Chinchilla’s advice when it comes to getting the perfect wing:

“Start off with a pencil and create the shape. That is going to be the easiest way to get started with the wing. If you jump into the cat eye with a cream or a liquid it is going to be a disaster because its harder to deal with, even for the most steady handed person. A pencil allows for a little more room for error. Start at the end of eye and wing up towards the end of the eyebrow to lift the eye up; create the line of the wing from the end of the eye towards the eyebrow and then bring it inward.”

Aside from her eyeliner, Ariana Grande’s smooth skin is one of her most admired features. As such, it came as no surprise when we found out that her makeup artist starts by making sure that her skin is well taken care of. Beginning with skincare before applying any makeup, Chinchilla says that “dehydrated skin equals dry, flakey makeup. So before any color goes on the face, I like to apply a thick cream, so makeup glides on and looks smooth.”

If Ariana Grande swears by these tips, then so do we—we’d do anything to have her immaculate skin and impossibly perfect cat eyes!


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