Arrival Star Amy Adams’ Style Book: CCA 2016 Best Actress Nominee to Sizzle the Red Carpet

Amy Adams
Credit: Matthew Eisman / Stringer / Getty

Arrival star Amy Adams has received a nomination for the Critics Choice Awards 2016. The best actress nominee is expected to sizzle on the red carpet as Amy Adams’ fashion choices continue to evolve. If you look at her style book, you can see the evolution the actress has made throughout her career to become a true fashion icon.

As for the date, time, and venue, the 22nd annual Critics Choice Awards will air on A&E December 11, 2016 from the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica at 8 p.m.

Amy Adams’ Beauty Secrets

Adams’ makeup look has evolved over the years. Back in the ‘90s, Adams admitted to stealing her sister’s pink and green mascara. Amy Adams’ eyes are a stunning blue; and so, it was definitely an interesting choice back then to complement them with pink and green mascara.

There is always talk of Amy Adams’ hair color. Although the actress typically rocks red hair, her natural color is actually strawberry blonde. It wasn’t until Adams starred in Dr. Vegas in 2004, that she began dying her hair dark red. In an interview with Backstage, Adams discussed her hair transformation saying, “I played a nurse and there was this beautiful blonde, Sarah Lancaster, who was cast as the casino dealer. I’m in a room with her, and they said, ‘Someone’s going to have to change their hair color.’ She’s tan with these beautiful lioness green eyes and this mane of blonde hair. And I looked at her and me, with my pale freckles, and thought, Gee, I wonder which one of us is going to go red!”

But Adams doesn’t mind being a red head. She continued, “It really changed things up. People began to see me in a different way, for different roles. I don’t know if I can give credit to just the hair color, but maybe it did help people see me past blonde.”

Through her style evolution, Adams has changed up her hairstyle several times. She’s rocked a short bob and long luscious waves and changed up her makeup looks, opting for a classic cat eye that really highlights her big blue eyes. No matter what style change Adams goes through, one thing is for certain: She always looks amazing.

To always look her best and youthful, Adams looks to products that help maintain her skin. One of her favorite anti-aging products is Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser when she is working or wearing makeup. When she’s at home, she just sticks to water and moisturizing with La Mer – she noted that product has saved her face.

One of Adams beauty secrets is actually so simple and so important but yet so basic – it’s flossing. She has admitted to always flossing prior to heading out as she feels it’s important to do.

If you ever wanted to know what Adams smells like, apparently the actress can’t really stick to one scent. She often switches between Tom Ford scents and TokyoMilk Tainted Love.

No matter what red carpet Adams appears on, she always looks polished and well put-together. And that is what makes Amy Adams a fashion and beauty icon.


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