ASDS Survey Says 60% of Consumers Consider Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic ProceduresThe American Society for Dermatology (ASDS) has released the results of its annual survey that looks at consumer thoughts regarding cosmetic procedures. The findings indicate that almost 60% of respondents are considering undergoing a cosmetic treatment, which is a staggering increase compared to the 30% that was reported back in 2013.

The data in question was collected from an online survey that ran from April 20 to May 1 and covered 7, 322 responses. Respondents were asked about reasons behind seeking cosmetic procedures, the types of procedures that were being considered, as well as views on doctor selection.

Among the top reasons people gave for seeking cosmetic treatments were wanting “to feel more confident”, “to feel more attractive”, and “to look as young as I feel or better for my age”. The specific treatments that were considered include ultrasound, radiofrequency for tightening skin and treating wrinkles, laser light treatments for skin ton or scars, body sculpting, and laser hair removal. Respondents also ranked excess weight in any part of the body as what bothered them most about their appearance. Other personal concerns included wrinkles around the cheeks and mouth and skin texture or discoloration issues.

Where the dermatologist was brought up, the ASDS survey found the doctor’s expertise among the highest importance of the 11 factors that could influence selection. Other key qualities were board-certification, level of license, and whether the dermatologist had been referred by another physician.

The ASDS president, Naomi Lawrence, says that the survey findings show how cosmetic procedures are growing in popularity thanks in part to patient trust for dermatologists and the techniques and technology employed. However, the data does not paint as immediately clear a picture as Lawrence is implying. Consideration of cosmetic procedures has certainly gone up according to the data, but this does not necessarily mean the actual use of the treatments has seen a similar trend.

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