Ashley Graham: Plus Size Model Shares Her Beauty Secrets, Makeup Favorites, Plus Skin Care and Fitness Tips

Ashley Graham: Plus Size Model Shares Her Beauty Secrets, Makeup Favorites, Plus Skin Care and Fitness Tips
Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer / Stringer / Getty

Since her debut just after the millennium, Ashley Graham has redefined what it takes to be a model. While the tag “Ashley Graham, Plus Size Model” is continually associated with her—often in negative associations—Graham has gained her own respect in the fashion and beauty industry while setting a few trends as well. She’s become an icon to many, and has as many beauty secrets, fitness tips, and skin care recommendations as any other model.

Shining Light

Ashley Graham’s skin glow has caught on, so much so that many have suggested that her own makeup ideas are as influential as peers like Jennifer Lopez. Since she’s a devotee of makeup and improving her appearance, the Ashley Graham makeup tutorial for people wanting to know her skin care or beauty ideas are fairly straightforward.

Graham insists on clear skin that is continually moisturized—she favors Nuxe moisturizer for regular treatments—then, after washing, applying a strong, ultra-sheer foundation such as Natio Strong Foundation. Once the foundation is in place, Ashley Graham uses a bronzer for skin highlights. She’s particularly fond of The Body Shop’s Brush On Sunlight for this. In fact, she’s often said highlighter is her “secret weapon”, using it on her face and as eyeshadow as well. Graham also has strong ideas of what to do with her eyes and brows: some L’Oréal apricot eyeshadow and some spritzed L’Oréal Elnett hair spray to hold her brows in place.

For her hairstyle, Ashley Graham is strict here as well. She is an Oribe supporter and only washes every 3rd day to ensure her hair stays flat. For lipstick, she is happy using Aquaphor to get the nude lip look she’s so often associated with.

Workout Routine

Another one of Ashley Graham’s beauty tips is her regular and rigorous workout routines. These help her remain positive about her own image while keeping her fit and, as it happens, inspiring others. If you’ve followed Ashley Graham’s Instagram page, you’ll notice that these workouts are not for the faint hearted: one-legged dumbbell squats, kettlebell swings and hard burpees are all part of her workout routine. She also invests a lot of time and physical effort into cardio and can involve over 30 minutes on a treadmill. On that, the aforementioned dumbbell squats can be equally intensive as Graham often increases the weight she lifts over time with hard, consistent repetitions.



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