Australians Create a SKIN Calendar To Raise Funds for Skin Cancer Research

Australians Create a SKIN Calendar To Raise Funds for Skin Cancer Research
Photo Credit: SKIN Calendar website

Skin cancer is a disease that plagues many, and a group of Australian men recently decided to take matters into their own hands. 28-year-old James Deg had the idea for the SKIN Calendar when he saw more and more Australians posting pictures of their tan and sunburns on social media. He felt that residents were coming to feel so pressured to sport a sun-kissed look all year long that they were willing to endanger their health. “After noticing more and more people on Instagram posting photos of their tan or sunburn, I realized how complacent we have become to the dangers of sun damage,” Deg told Daily Mail Australia.

James Deg didn’t want to just sit around while skin cancer ravaged the citizens of Australia, so he decided to do something about it. He rounded up a group of his friends and decided to create the SKIN Calendar to raise awareness and funds for skin cancer research.

The SKIN Calendar

James and his friends stripped down for the photos in the SKIN Calendar. Using Australia’s natural beauty as the backdrop for their photo shoot, one would think their physiques would be outshined by the continent’s beauty—but that definitely wasn’t the case. Making sure to include some of his palest pals, Deg was able to show viewers “that it is possible to be sexy in the skin you’re in.” Aiming to raise awareness about the dangers of tanning, Deg told the Daily Mail that “As there is no cure for melanoma, funding skin cancer research is vitally important… But even more urgent is the need for a social change. Tans are dangerous, and you don’t need them to be healthy and look sexy.” All profits from the SKIN Calendar sales will go towards funding for skin cancer.

James headed to Obelisk Beach in Sydney with his friends to take some rather risqué shots. He expressed his admiration of his friends as they willingly participated in his venture without needing much convincing. This may not seem like a big deal, but Deg shot most of his calendar in October, so it was very chilly! He says that,

“the calendar models are friends of mine, who aren’t obsessed with tanning, that are leading the change in embracing your natural skin tone. Fortunately, they did not take much convincing to pose nude for the calendar, but I think that’s because they understood the importance of the cause.”

James goes on to clarify that none of the models are technically nude, since they’re all wearing SPF 50+ sunscreen!

Some models wore tiny swim trunks and others nothing at all. The group posed around the beach near the water, as well as in and around the trees. However, even the lush nature of Australia couldn’t detract from the toned physiques of the male models! Deg was out to show viewers that they don’t need to rock a tan all year long, and boy did he get the job done. If you’d like to purchase a SKIN calendar, visit their official website



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