Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce Shows the Painful Effects of Skin Cancer Burns

barnaby joyce skin cancer
Headshot of Barnaby Joyce. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce posted a picture on his Instagram showing himself being treated for skin cancer. The skin cancer burns were evident on his forehead, cheek, and temple. The prime minister took to his Instagram to not only share his story, but to offer some advice on how to avoid cancer.

He captioned his photo with “I took part in a press conference today like a walking advertisement for why you should wear a hat. Cancers on my face are being burned off with a cream so I’m going to look like this for a few weeks. It doesn’t add to my complexion, but some say it doesn’t take away from it either. So if you’re in the sun, cover up, or you’ll be looking the same in a few years’ time – and you just don’t know what you’ll have to front up to. #sunsafety.”

Sun Safety

Although you can often catch Joyce wearing a large-brimmed hat, he noted that this wasn’t always the case, especially growing up and working outdoors on the land. He told the press that wearing a hat back in his days was seen as “uncool,” so he opted for a smaller one which didn’t offer him much protection.

Now the prime minister is undergoing treatment for his visible scars by using a cream in order to burn off the cancer. He has reassured the public that although the treatment may take several weeks, he is on the road to recovery.

Seeing public figures fight cancer in the spotlight really puts into perspective the importance of sun safety. Always remember to wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a large-brimmed hat. Furthermore, avoid long hours in the direct sunlight and opt for shade when possible.