Beauty Trends for 2017: 10 Best Nail Art Designs for Short Nails

nail art design
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There are numerous salons which create some cool nail art designs. These nail art designs ideas can include simple designs like ombre, glitter, multiple colors, pastel shades, rainbow colors, nail piercings, and many more. However, simple nail art designs can be also done with a few products at home.

In many cases, easy nail art designs for short nails are seldom available since nail art requires space to standout on a nail. However, it is quite possible to create some easy nail art designs even on short nails with the right tools.

Nail Art Designs for Beginners

For simple nail art designs for beginners, first start by grooming your nails. With a sharp nail cutter, cut the nail in a square or slightly oval shape.

Next, with a cuticle tool, remove any cuticles to avoid any hindrance when applying the polish. You can also buff the nails slightly for a smooth and even finish. Lastly, use clear polish to protect your nails before doing the art.

Given below are 10 of the hottest nail art designs for 2017.

Nail Art Designs for Short Nails at Home: Step by Step

There are some nail art designs for short nails you can do yourself at home, if you follow these step-by-step instructions.

Classic Tiffany Nails: Start with a few coats of light blue nail polish. Using liquid white glue, start by creating a cross, slightly away from the center of your nail. Create a bow on the dot where the two lines intersect and add a dot for the bow-knot.

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Fish Scale Nails: First, start with a bold base color. Place a fish scale stencil over your nail and top with a coat of white, black or any contrasting color.

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Winter-Themed Nails: paint alternate nails with deep blue and white. Using a miniature brush, draw snowflakes (on blue nails) and brush blue sparkle on white ones.

You many also use off-white, golden shimmer and dull gold alternatively on your nails for a rich festive look.

For Snow globe inspired nails, start with a classic French manicure with black tips. Finish this with small stars or spots in white and coat with clear polish.

For gold foiled nails, start by using a cream colored nail polish. Using gold polish and a sponge, create a smudged look by gently dabbing on your nails.

For a different take on French manicure, coat your nails in light orange and make small half-moon shapes near the base. Add glitter to the half-circles and coat with clear polish.

Matte green and chunky gold painted nails look wonderful for an evening party. Since the nails make a bold statement themselves, pair them with a simple outfit.

For statement engagement nails, add shimmer, use crystal stick-ons or simply make swirl designs using two or more colors.