Bella Hadid is Nike’s New Face, Fans Criticize Her as Too Skinny, Not an Athlete

Bella Hadid
Credit: Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Staff / Getty

Nike’s new face is none other than up-and-coming supermodel Bella Hadid. Unfortunately, Hadid is already being criticized for being too skinny on social media. Apparently her skinny look was the result of her preparations to walk the runway for the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Although Hadid was excited to reveal the news of her new Nike Campaign, it seems the excitement was overshadowed by criticism from fans.

@nike behind the ?? by my Luv @renellaice

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Some fans didn’t agree that Hadid should be the new face of Nike because they suggested that she isn’t an “athlete” and that she is “giving girls unrealistic expectations yet again.” Some were annoyed by the fact that many athletic companies are swapping out their athlete endorsements to push models instead, which one user said was unfortunate as it revealed that society may be more inclined to make a purchase from a model than an athlete who would actually wear the active collection for its given purpose.

In Hadid’s original post, the model suggested that this was just the beginning for the #NYMade Campaign and that there was more to come for fans.

?so excited to announce that I am OFFICIALLY PART OF THE @NIKE FAMILY! More coming very soon ❤️??

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Hadid doesn’t completely disagree with “fans” in regards to her skinny look. As mentioned, the thinner Hadid is an outcome of gearing up for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Hadid told People magazine, “I didn’t really mean to [lose weight]. Like I want boobs. I want my ass back. But it’s not my fault. My weight fluctuates and so does everybody’s and I think that if people are gonna judge, that’s the worst you can possibly do because everybody is different.”

“I worked out so hard and everybody is like, ‘Oh, she looks so skinny blah, blah, blah,” she continued. “But I think that if you just stick to something you can really achieve so much. I’ve been eating hard protein every day, and working out for three hours every day. It’s crazy but I think that you know if you set your mind to something I think you can succeed.”

Clearly Hadid is re-enforcing that her weight loss has come with proper preparation and that there shouldn’t be concern that it promotes eating disorders, rather just dedication to the gym and proper diet.

Bella Hadid’s Beauty Look

Body image aside, when it comes to Bella Hadid’s makeup, the model almost always looks like porcelain. Here are some tips you can learn from Hadid’s makeup and beauty routine.

  • Go warmer with your foundation – you face is usually paler than your body, so going warmer with your foundation will actually make your face look more blended with the rest of your skin
  • Apply foundation with a blush brush, not a beauty blender – this ensures the foundation doesn’t look cakey
  • Contour your forehead – contouring your forehead will ensure it doesn’t look flat in photos
  • Avoid over-filling eyebrows – feel free to fill in obvious holes and gaps but avoid over-doing your eyebrows
  • Invest in a good mascara – Hadid’s makeup artist recommends Marc Jacobs Ultra-Skinny Mascara, as it doesn’t cause clumps and doesn’t move, even if you’re on the go

You can incorporate some of Bella Hadid’s makeup tips into your own beauty routine in order to achieve the model’s flawless look.


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