Best 10 Short Hairstyles for Men 2017: Grooming Tips for the New Year

Short Hairstyles for Men
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With New Year parties and celebrations just around the corner, folks have already finished most of their shopping. The best designer clothes, shoes and accessories are kept ready to be worn for New Year Eve’s party.

However, it all lacks without proper personal grooming. A good haircut and shave with high standards of personal hygiene can do wonders for any man. Here are some of the best men’s haircuts and grooming styles for the New Year.

10 best hairstyles and haircuts for men:

Hairstyles for men with long hair:

Long hair can be parted and finished with mousse or a hint or gel for a glossy look. Another option for a formal look is the ‘Side Part Pompadour,’ which is a modern take on the classic Pompadour. In this case, pomade is applied to the hair, parted to one side and then brushed to the side.

A classic slicked back look with taper fade gives a subtle, natural finish to long hair.

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Hairstyles for men with thin hair:

The military inspired haircut also known as ‘Crew cut’ works wonders for a thinning hairline. It is clean, efficient and requires almost no maintenance. To style, one can simply dab a little product and push hair forward from the back.

For those with wavy hair and a receding hairline, the clean taper works best. The haircut adds volume and texture. A quick taper along the hairline, gives a clean finish.

Hairstyles for men with curly hair:

A bald fade works best with a mop of curly hair. The razor-high fade from the sides adds character and looks well for a formal occasion, too. The high and tight recon is similar to a Mohawk and looks good on curly or wavy mane.

Apart from these, very short hairstyles for men comprise of the buzz cut or the super short crop.

Texturized paper, super short mane and the blunt-cut are good short hairstyles for round faces.

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Grooming tips for Men:

Start with the basics: eat right, exercise, consume at least two liters of water every day, ensure you maintain good personal hygiene and lastly, carry yourself with confidence.

Pay attention to your dressing style. Visit a good stylist or mix and match outfits to see what works best for your body style. Ensure you pair your attire with the right shoes and accessories. Also, use good cologne or deodorant, post showers.


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