Blake Lively: Actress and Ryan Reynolds’ Wife Dazzles at L’Oreal’s Awards Ceremony and Reveals Straight Hair Secrets

Blake Lively
Credit: Brian Ach / Stringer/Getty

At the 2016 L’Oreal Awards Ceremony for Women of Worth on Nov. 16 in New York City, actress Blake Lively appeared with her first post-baby look and stunned the crowd on hand at the event. Actor Ryan Reynolds’ wife and the star of such films as The Age of Adaline and The Town—not to mention a L’Oreal Ambassador herself—Lively has often amazed at entertainment industry events with her look and style. This time she amazed the crowd looking radiant—specifically with her long, straight, and full-volumed blonde hairstyle.

Many fans and fashionistas enthralled with Lively’s elegant hairstyle on the red carpet wasted no time going online seeking answers to how she achieved it. The truth is that it didn’t take much, and can be easily replicated with the right hair products and techniques.

The Secret Ingredients

A longtime supporter of L’Oreal products, Lively has often cited L’Oréal Paris Elvive Fibralogy shampoo and conditioner as the chief ingredients necessary to maintain her hair’s volume while she wears it loose and flowing. However, she’s also noted the use of coconut oil on her hair’s ends before applying shampoo as it helps retain moisture, especially when she’s working in the eastern U.S. where fall-winter air can be dry and can cause regular hair damage.

Straight Talk and Tools

Obviously, many fans have noted that such a straight look requires the use of a straight iron. The problem with that alone is that it leaves hair stiff and frizzy. According to Lively’s stylist, Rod Ortega, the flat iron is used in combination with L’Oréal Paris Advanced Haircare Boost It Blow Out Heatspray—a volume mist that can be applied while drying.

He applied the mist in only small shots as he ironed her hair forward, towards her face and not straight down, using a T3 SinglePass Luxe flat iron specifically for the job. The two together kept Lively’s hair from becoming too stiff and adding the requisite hair texture and volume right down to the roots that many noted her hair had from afar.

In addition, Ortega pointed out how he literally applied a light touch to drying Lively’s hair by “finger drying” at the base of her hair, instead of constant direct heat treatment from a blower. Moreover, he firmly stated that it helped not drying her whole hair and only finger drying it four inches up from the roots, again to retain the body and texture in unison. Once this process is completed, Ortega’s work is more or less complete. He may apply a glossing mist or extra-hold hairspray, but only to the ends of the hair to give it a little gloss in its final form.

Inspired by what actresses or singers wear at their red carpet events, Ortega always works to make sure his clients’ hairstyles match their outfits. Ortega’s experience and knowledge about hair makeovers and styles is well known in the entertainment industry. Some of his past clients have included Shay Mitchell and Sharon Stone.

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