Brand New Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette Reviewed by Jeffree Star

Photo Credit: Jeffree Star YouTube
Photo Credit: Jeffree Star YouTube

Jeffree Star’s YouTube videos are notorious for being cheeky, honest, and a whole lot of fun, and his review of The Royal Peach Palette by Kylie Cosmetics is no different. Kylie Cosmetics’ Instagram has been full of promotional pictures and informational posts for the last few days, gearing fans up for the big release and creating a lot of excitement along the way.

Peach Dreams ? 4 more days

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The Royal Peach Palette Tutorial

Jeffree Star added his own dynamic flair to The Royal Peach Palette by creating what has been dubbed by the internet as Jeffree Star’s Royal Peach Look. He gave a step by step Royal Peach Palette tutorial to help fans achieve his signature dewy and colorful look.

He started off with the Sorbet powder eye shadow—which is an ultra light peach shade—as a transitional colour in the crease of the eyes. Following that, Star delved a little deeper with a bolder shade called Peachy. He blended that with the Sorbet base all over the eyelids and then embellished the look with Mojito—a shimmering gold shade—in the corners of the eyes. This created an almost sunset-like look for both the eyes.

As always, Jeffree Star was absolutely fearless in this tutorial and added great pops of colour and shimmer in every way possible, even spreading the Peachy shade below the eyes just for an increased dramatic effect. True to form, he also added blue eyeliner and then topped it off with the Royal blue shade that is included in the palette for some diversity.

The entire look, coupled with Jeffree Star’s over the top deep blue contacts and iridescent highlighters is like a work of art. As with all of Jeffree Star’s YouTube videos, this tutorial and review are like watching an artist at work. All of the essential components are there and he makes it all look so easy. Of course, no one can come close to doing makeup the way he does, and the fact that he created this gorgeous look on the fly is unbelievable.

@jeffreestar's Royal Peach look ??

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While some people might think that Star wears too much makeup, that is kind his thing. He is known for playing around with different color combinations and products that other people would not even dream of putting together. The point is to experiment with different looks, and according to the expert himself, this new Kylie Cosmetics Makeup palette lends itself perfectly to that notion.

The official launch date of the Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette is January 12, 2017, and judging by the comments section on Kylie’s personal Instagram account and Kylie Cosmetics’ Instagram, people will be jumping on the opportunity to purchase it. It might even be wise to sleep with your credit card in hand and load the website the night before so that you can wake up prepared the day of the launch to buy it. These palettes will sell out fast!