Britney Spears and Son’s Incredible New Hair Cuts, Share Snaps on Instagram

Britney Spears
Photo credit: Kevin Winter / Staff/Getty

Anyone who follows Britney Spears on Instagram, or on any other social media web site for that matter, can tell that she is extremely family-oriented and that she loves her kids to death. That is why Britney Spears and her son Sean Preston’s recent trip to the hair dresser was a newsworthy event (on Instagram, at least!)

In the past, Britney Spears has made some pretty questionable fashion choices, and fans have not always been kind to her regarding her hairstyles, often commenting that her hair extensions looked unnatural.

And of course, we cannot forget the unfortunate head shaving fiasco of 2007. But alas, all of that is in the distant past and Britney Spears has more than proved that she can bounce back from pretty much anything.

Britney Spears is Family Oriented

People still love Spears, and her expansive Instagram following is proof of that. Most of her fans are in agreement that her and son Sean Preston’s new hair makeovers are just what the doctor ordered. Britney Spears’s new hair cut truly brightens up her appearance, highlighting her innate beauty and, most importantly, she looks genuinely happy!

The pictures she posted are goofy, light-hearted, and fun. What makes the whole thing even better is that Spears is taking time out of her busy schedule to spend with her son, and they both seem to be enjoying themselves.

In the three days since Spears posted the jovial pictures, they have already accumulated over 250,000 likes and numerous positive comments from adoring fans. Some fans have even noticed how much Spears’s whole demeanor has improved in the past few years, which is really saying something.

Even the comments on Spears’ son’s photo were mostly positive, starting with Britney’s own caption: “My son looks so handsome with his new haircut.” She even went as far as to include a few cutesy scissor emojis to add to the cuteness overload of the entire post, as if Sean Preston’s beaming expression was not enough! The eleven-year-old went for a much edgier hairstyle than his 34-year-old mother, but unlike some celeb kids, at least his look is still age appropriate.

Overall, it is safe to say that Britney Spears and her family have certainly endured a great deal of scrutiny over the past few years from fans and media alike, but at least we can safely assume she is doing much better now.


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