Caity Lotz Celebrates Birthday, Soaking up Sun in Sexy Bikini during Vacation

Caity Lotz Celebrates Birthday, Soaking Soaks Up Sun in Sexy Bikini During Vacation
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Caity Lotz’s 30th birthday was spent in style with her handsome boyfriend, who joined Lotz in soaking up some sun at the beach. Caity Lotz’s Instagram has many bikini-clad photos of the happy couple on their birthday beach vacation where they celebrated the 30-year-old. Caity Lotz’s age may come as a surprise, and after seeing the actresses natural beauty, fans are searching online for her beauty and health secrets. The actress looks a decade younger than she really is, and fans want to know how she does it.

We should never miss a sunset ?

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Caity Lotz in Arrow

Lotz—who is best known for her role in the hit TV series Arrow—has posted many photos on her Instagram account showing her bikini-clad body, leaving fans drooling over her cut abs. It makes sense that the actress has an amazing body thanks to her character on the hit show, but in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine, she explained that she was professionally trained in martial arts long before she got the role as a superhero. “All of the fighting I pretty much do. I have an awesome double, too, so for taking falls or getting hit or being thrown across the room or something, I’m like, ‘Yeah, you go ahead. You do that one.’” Fans of the show are looking forward to Arrow season 5 returning after winter break—promos have just been released as a teaser for what is to come. Caity Lotz was cast as Sara Lance, aka Black Canary, on The CW show Arrow in 2013. Her character died, but was quickly resurrected on a new DC show called Legends of Tomorrow. The actress has also appeared on Mad Men, Law and Order, and Death Valley.

Go chasing these waterfalls

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Caity Lotz’s bikini-clad Instagram photos have been making waves these past few days as the actress vacations with her new boyfriend. In her happy birthday celebrations, the actress is seen wearing tiny bikinis that don’t leave much to the imagination. Lotz clearly has a strict workout regime and eats healthy, but her secret to success is to stick to her dance workout that she originally started out with in Hollywood. The American actress first trained as a professional dancer and starred in the dance film, Bring it On: All or Nothing. She admits that her dance-inspired workouts have helped her keep a solid body, and eating clean is how she maintains her overall health.

For Lotz, clean eating means choosing whole, organic, and real foods that are fresh from nature. The actress has eliminated fast food and junk from her diet. She truly believes in the advice that working out regularly and clean eating is a recipe for success. To achieve her flawless skin, Caity Lotz depends on her clean diet, and also credits a good moisturizer for helping her skin stay hydrated. By the looks of the birthday girl on the beach, it’s clear that she has found the recipe for success.



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