Cameron Dallas on Girlfriend Magazine’s December Cover: Vine Star Charms in Hat and Hairdo

Cameron Dallas
Credit: Mike Windle / Staff / Getty

Vine star Cameron Dallas is gracing the 2017 January cover of Australia’s leading teen mag, Girlfriend magazine. He looks very swanky in his awesome new hat and hairdo and is sporting a sexy, smoldering expression. It’s no wonder that in the past three years, Cameron Dallas has become the main love interest in every teenage girl’s romantic fantasy and the envy of every teenage boy. Considering Cameron Dallas’s massive style evolution, it makes sense that he is the new face of Calvin Klein, and was even invited to represent the fashion mogul brand at the Milan Fashion Week.

Cameron Dallas’s Style Evolution

While it is hard to pinpoint exactly what category the 22-year-old Vine star falls under, one thing is for sure: he is multi-talented and beloved around the world. Some people have compared him to Justin Bieber, and have even said his level of fame is on par with Beatlemania. It is hard to imagine that anyone or any phenomena could even come close to matching the Fab Four, but Cameron Dallas could very well be a close second at this point.

There is no denying that thanks to his prankster persona on Vine, he has certainly accumulated a massive following of loyal fans. Just check out his Instagram account for proof. He has 9.6 million followers and counting! With that kind of love and devotion, it is clear that Cameron Dallas’s stardom is on an incline, and it is only going to shine brighter and brighter as time goes on.

After all, he is already dominating the fashion industry by making huge waves in the men’s’ fashion category at the Milan Fashion Week—on top of that, his famous side-swept hairstyle is inspiring young men’s hairstyles everywhere. There are even online forums that specialize in hairstyles for men that are offering tips and tutorials on how to achieve the now-coveted look.

It is hard to believe that he has achieved so much fame and worldwide recognition just from being his goofy, adolescent self on a social media platform. If you think about it, Dallas was only doing things that other teens his age would do. The difference is that he is a millennial who gained fame in the social media age, and he was able to use that to his advantage.

A few people have questioned Cameron Dallas’s age because he looks so much younger than he is; but for someone embarking on a modeling career, his youthful looks can only serve to work in his favor in the long run.

Cameron Dallas’s Claim to Fame

Most people are familiar with the social media app known as Vine. We have all either heard of it or seen the very short, seconds-long videos that have managed to become overnight sensations. Nobody could have foreseen that these regular Joes would also become overnight sensations in their own rights, but some of them did because of their tenacity, creativity, and impeccable comedic timing.


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