Change Up Your Look! Five Ways to Get Curly Hair

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Looking for a style change-up in 2017? Adding curls to your style can drastically change up your look easily and without any cost or much time. There are many easy ways to curl hair naturally, and we here at Agein have compiled a list of the top five ways on how to curl your hair naturally.

Curly hairstyles are on trend for 2017, so there is no better reason to try adding a few to your hairstyle, creating a new look for the new year. Even if you were not lucky enough to be born with bouncy, glossy curls, you can always use these tips on how to achieve a natural looking curl throughout your hair. The key to a great curly style is using the right technique for your hair. There are many methods of curling your hair, so find the best one that works for you and you can easily have glamorous, beautiful curls.

How to Curl Your Hair in Five Minutes

Curling Iron

Using a curling iron is a technique that takes a little practice. You will need to heat up the curling iron to at least 320 degrees F before beginning curling the hair, or the curls will not hold. However, do take care that the iron does not heat up too much as it could damage hair. Make sure your hair is completely dry, or curls will not hold. Part hair in small sections and wrap around the barrel of the curling iron. Close the curling iron around the barrel and hold for a few seconds before releasing. The size of the barrel will impact the size of the curl you will get. Spray hair with a heat protectant to prevent damage caused by exposure to high temperatures. Once flat ironed straight, try adding in a few bold curls using a large barrel curling iron.

Flat Iron

Heat up the flat iron the same as the curling iron to keep curls in longer. A good guide to keep in mind is 320 degrees F for fine hair, and 430 degrees for thicker hair. The width of the flat iron is very important when it comes to curling hair with this technique. A thin iron is needed, approx. 2 inches in width. Make sure hair is completely dry because the water will turn to scalding steam and seriously damage your hair. Add a little volumizing mousse to your hair before drying to create more bouncy curls. Gather hair into small sections and start with one by clamping the flat iron around the hair close to the scalp while giving it a half turn. Hold the flat iron in this position as you slide it down the hair shaft right to the end. The slower you move the iron, the tighter the curls will be. This is a great curly hairstyle for short hair, and is the same instructions for how to curl your hair with a curling wand.

Hair Rollers

The first step in how to curl your hair with hair rollers is choosing the type of roller that works best for your hair. Hair rollers come in many different types, shapes, and sizes. Hot rollers will curl our hair quickly, but are more damaging . Velcro rollers are a great option for hair that is naturally smooth, and small curlers will give you lots of tight curls. Large curlers will give big loose waves and are great for adding volume. Depending on the type of roller, hair needs to be either wet or dry, so read packaging on the rollers to determine whether to dry your locks before wrapping them in the curlers.

Hair Scrunching Method

After washing hair, use an absorbent towel to pat your hair dry and squeeze the ends to get rid of any excess water. Do not rub your hair as this will damage itand cause it to look frizzy. Comb your hair using a detangler spray and apply a volumizing strong-hold mousse to your hair, flipping it over and working though from top to ends. Using your hands, scrunch the hair up towards the top of the head to create volume and curls. Let it air dry or blow dry with a diffuser attachment.


One of the easiest ways for how to curl your hair, braiding hair can created tight curls or loose voluminous waves. Start by washing and conditioning hair and towel dry. Add a product such as mousse or serum to help keep the curls in for longer. Decide how many braids you will want to do and the tightness as this will determine the look of your curls. Part your hair into sections and braid hair tying off at the ends. Wait at least 4 hours, or until hair is completely dry and undo braids to reveal your new bouncy curls!



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