Change up Your Winter Look: Fun Christmas Hair Colors

Change up Your Winter Look: Fun Christmas Hair Colors
(Photo by Samir Hussein/Getty Images)

The best way to beat the winter blues? Change up your look! We know that not everyone is cheerful around this time of the year despite the holidays being around the corner. The cold weather can be a real downer, but there are ways to spice up your life and feel lively, even in the wintertime.

Many people who suffer from the winter blues try to overcome their seasonal sadness by changing their look. Since you have to spend the better part of the winter months bundled up, you don’t have too much leeway with your fashion. However, changing up your hair and indulging in some current hair color trends is an awesome way to revamp your style—we recommend giving yourself a fresh start with a new Christmas hair color. If you’re not sure where to start with your winter hair evolution, we’ve got some ideas for the perfect winter look, or your next Christmas hairstyle!

Winter Hairstyles

Rose Gold

A bold yet totally wearable choice, rocking a rose gold ‘do through the winter is sure to raise your spirits! From rose gold accessories to rose gold hair, this color scheme has been taking over in 2016. Definitely a more fun and playful option, this hair color will make any style a party hairstyle! This hair color has been seen on celebrities like Hilary Duff, Elle Fanning, and hair chameleon Kylie Jenner.

Winter Blonde

Get inspired by Elsa from Frozen and lighten up your locks this winter! You can’t go wrong with a few blonde streaks—just make sure you choose a tone suited to your natural hair color. You may even achieve a surfer chic vibe with this option, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Light blond-streaked hair, just like what we’ve seen on Ciara, Emilia Clarke, and Blake Lively, is a beautiful look all year-round.

Natural Black

Lightening your hair can be quite a commitment—it can get tough to go back to dark hair after rocking a color like blonde. If you’re not up for the challenge of lighter hair, then we say you do the exact opposite! Dyeing your locks a natural black, no matter your natural hair color, can give you a dark and sultry vibe.


Our favorite thing about this hair color trend is that you can ombre pretty much any color. From basic blondes to funky fuchsias, ombre doesn’t discriminate. One prominent ombre trend we’ve been seeing lately is the “grombre,” which is a grey ombre. Though this option may wash you out if you’ve got a slightly paler skin tone. With the right undertone, you can achieve a seriously fierce look with a “grombre.” Too risky for you? Try out a subtle sun-kissed ombre color instead.

Whatever you decide to do to your hair, we hope it’ll help beat those winter blues!



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