Charlize Theron, Dior Ambassador, Shares Her Essential Beauty Tips

Charlize Theron, Dior Ambassador, Shares Her Essential Beauty Tips
Credit: Andreas Rentz / Staff

Oscar-winning actress and Dior ambassador Charlize Theron, has a very busy schedule—so how does someone being pulled in so many different directions find time to apply a beauty regime? The A-list actress and long-time face of Dior’s J’Adore fragrance is starring in a new campaign for the luxury brand, and Theron made time to discuss her beauty tips with Vogue.

“J’Adore is just a fragrance that I love. It’s complex and has a duality but it also has a simplicity to it. I love that about it,” Theron tells Vogue. “I have two young kids and the idea of wearing something that is super overwhelming and overpowering is not something I would want to do.”

The latest campaign, shot by John Baptiste Mondino, has been released this week and Theron has always been happy to reprise her role as the face of Dior, which she has been doing since 2004.

Theron has a baby and a toddler and explains to Vogue that mornings are the hardest, so she learned to use her skin products at night. Her mornings are mostly just a wash cloth, brushing her teeth, and putting on sunblock—sounds simple enough.

Theron can’t imagine not exfoliating and often enjoys using skin products like the La Mer Cleansing Gel. Dior also has a gentle and efficient exfoliator—Instant Gentle Exfoliant.

She’s not big on masks but the actress does indulge in a good facial every few weeks at the Milla Moursi Skin Care Institute in West Hollywood.

One thing Theron does like every other woman: going to bed with makeup on after a long day. “I do go to bed with my make-up on sometimes. Doesn’t everybody? You’re tired, you hit the sack, you wake up forgetting you didn’t wash your face the night before… Then you open your door when somebody comes over the next morning, look in the mirror and you’re like: ‘oh my god!’”

Aside from facials and exfoliating, Theron’s beauty essentials consist of sunblock and lip balm.