Chloe Grace Moretz Gets Haircut for TrevorLIVE, Joins Julianne Hough & Ariel Winter to Support the Trevor Project

Chloe Grace Moretz Gets Haircut for TrevorLIVE, Joins Julianne Hough & Ariel Winter to Support the Trevor Project
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for The Trevor Project)

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz showed off her new ‘do on the red carpet at the Trevor Project’s 2016 TrevorLIVE event in L.A. Held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on December 4 in Beverly Hills, California, the young starlet showed up with a newly trimmed set of bangs and a slightly blonder hair color than we’re used to seeing her with. The Trevor Project is an organization dedicated to providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention to LGBTQ youth. Julianne Hough and Modern Family actress Ariel Winter were among other recognizable faces in attendance.

Even though Moretz has been working in Hollywood for over a decade, it’s clear that the 19-year-old actress is just like the rest of us, donning her new haircut just after her breakup with 17-year-old Brooklyn Beckham—there’s nothing like a post-breakup makeover to mend a broken heart!

 Chloe’s New Haircut

Moretz debuted her revamped hairstyle on the red carpet at this year’s TrevorLIVE event in L.A. The actress swapped her long ash blonde locks for a darker layered style, with a wispy fringe that sweeps below her brows. Hairstylist Gregory Russell was the man behind her hair makeover, styling it with textured waves and middle part for the event in Beverly Hills.

Pairing her newly trimmed and dyed hair with a floral Roberto Cavalli pantsuit, the starlet took to Instagram to further show off her new look. Captioning her snap “Mick Jagger… you there?”, we can only assume the rock star was the inspiration behind her chic hairstyle.

Moretz and Beckham Call it Quits

After spending a romantic summer together filled with public appearances and gushing about their romance on social media, Moretz and Beckham decided to end their transcontinental romance in early September. After dating briefly in 2014, the teenagers reignited their relationship in May.

The Sun reported that Beckham decided to call it quits, since keeping Moretz happy proved to be too much of a chore. With his family based in London, England, and with Moretz rooted in Los Angeles, it’s no surprise that the aspiring photographer wasn’t able to keep up. Unable to keep everyone happy, Beckham decided to end his romance with Moretz and return to England after spending the summer in L.A. with her.

After getting jilted after a summer of posting romantic shots like the one below on social media, it’s not wonder that Chloe Moretz felt the need for a post-break-up makeover!

I think I'll keep him 🙂 ?

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Chloe Moretz Hair and Makeup Tips

Moretz is no stranger to a good hair transformation, which is why we weren’t surprised when she changed up her look yet again. From braids to waves, to up do’s and even pops of color, I think we can all agree that we could learn something from a Chloe Grace Moretz hair tutorial!

Her hair isn’t the only thing we admire—her flawless complexion and effortlessly beautiful makeup looks are worth lusting over. When Allure asked about her beauty routine, we were surprised to learn that she keeps things extremely simple.

Washing her face religiously, Moretz swears by keeping her natural look by never plucking her eyebrows. Her pre-date prep includes nothing more than a few coats of mascara and a spritz of perfume.


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