Chris, Liam Hemsworth, Zac Efron & James Marsden Paint Fingernails to Support Movement against Child Abuse

Chris, Liam Hemsworth
Photo credit: Kevin Winter / Staff/ Getty

You may be wondering what the hashtag #PolishedMan is all about, along with why Chris Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth, Zac Efron, and James Marsden are all painting their nails.

For starters, it’s not for aesthetic appeal. In fact, the reason why these male celebs are putting nail polish on and posting it to Instagram is because of the Polished Man Movement, which is against child abuse.

The painted fingernail has become a symbol to raise awareness for violence against children, and as Chris wrote on his Instagram post, “I’m a @YGAP#polishedman Being a @PolishedManisn’t just about remembering to buy flowers, how many rounds you shout, or how much you lift. It’s about saying no to violence against children. That’s why this October I’m painting my nail and asking you to donate to help the 1 in 5 kids globally who are subjected to physical or sexual violence before they turn 18. And I nominate @liamhemsworth @zacefron @robertdowneyjr @renner4real @markruffalo @twhiddleston nail it to end it. Become a polished man here @auschildhood , thanks to @laurapanton.”

To complete the challenge, male participants must paint one fingernail and post the image onto social media. Furthermore, these men are to donate to the Polished Man Movement and raise awareness for others to donate as well.

The idea was sparked by Elliot Costello, who met a Cambodian girl who was abused during her time in an orphanage. His meeting with this girl left a strong impact on Costello and led him to encourage celebs to raise awareness and funds for abused children.

The movement began in 2014, and although it is referred to as “Polished Man,” women are equally as encouraged to take part as well. The reason for the male focus is because alarming statistics show that 90 % of all child abuse is carried out by men.

So far, the campaign has raised over $513,000 in donations. The organization says the donations are “channelled into trauma recovery and trauma prevention programs for children who have suffered or are at risk of suffering violence globally.”

If you want to get involved in the Polished Man Movement, it’s quite simple. Grab a bottle of nail polish, paint a single finger, and post the image on social media. To raise further awareness, make sure you tag and nominate your close buds in order to get the movement really going. But don’t forget – although awareness is key to getting the word out that one in five children endure abuse before the age of 18, it’s important that those who partake and see the message donate as well. This way the organization can make the necessary efforts to put a stop to child abuse and let kids be kids.

So far, the movement has had some serious celebrity push with some of Hollywood’s biggest names taking part. It will be interesting to see how many single painted nails emerge as the campaign grows throughout the month of October.

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