Christina Aguilera Celebrates 36th Birthday Bash with Kylie Jenner and Friends with Pink Hair and Santa Suit

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Kylie Jenner got a little Dirty once again this weekend while celebrating pop sensation Christina Aguilera’s 36th birthday. After Jenner posted photos of her 2002 Dirty throwback costume on Instagram this past Halloween, Aguilera asked the 19-year-old to recreate the infamous Xtina outfit for her costume party birthday bash. Jenner happily agreed to wear the costume again, only this time changing up the red and white stripes of Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Halloween ensemble for a yellow, black, and grey twist on the original. Christina Aguilera’s Instagram showed the pair embraced in a kiss at the party, so we’re assuming that she approved of the costume.

The over-the-top candy land party had many celebrities dressed in costume. Aguilera herself, not one to be outdone, had the most creative costumes by far, changing into different looks throughout the evening. The main and final costume of the evening was Aguilera’s red velvet Santa suit-inspired dress, trimmed with fluffy white fur and accessorized with red fishnet stockings. Topping off all of Aguilera’s looks for the evening was her teased up pink hair mimicking spun cotton candy. Posing for some sexy photos with Santa on Instagram, we are reminded that Christina Aguilera ages very well and looks amazing no matter if she’s wearing her Dirty chaps, or if she has pink hair piled high on her head.

Bday kisses @kyliejenner ????

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Christina Aguilera’s Flawless Beauty Looks

Christina Aguilera, known for her continuously flawless look—despite raising two kids and holding down a demanding singing career—has her fans wanting to know her beauty secrets. E News! sat down with the gorgeous singer to get the scoop on her top skin care tips. Aguilera was quick to start off with her top tip, “A spritz of fragrance and a bold, red lip always make me feel glamorous.” The star also let us in on a little secret. She uses a drugstore cleanser for her skin, unlike many other celebrities who tend to use very expensive luxury brands to was their face. Her favorite brand, Cetaphil Cleanser, “it’s good for every type of skin and gentle to cleanse.” One place where Aguilera will splurge is on her moisturizer—Clé de Peau, a celeb favorite—which costs about $525 for a one ounce jar. “My skin is dry so I love a heavier moisturizer.”

Christina Aguilera’s makeup can be dramatic, which makes it sexy and lust-worthy. To get inside information on how Christina Aguilera’s makeup artist, Jake Bailey from The Voice, creates her eye makeup looks, we took advice from his makeup tutorial on Style Caster. Bailey starts with Liquiline Blast Eye Liner in Violet Voltage, and applies all over the lid, almost like a cream shadow. Next, he will “dust Eye Enhancers shadow in Forever Fig to set the cream shadow” and add a brown liner to the top and bottom lash line. Bailey does note, if going for the dramatic look, “the key to success is to always blend really well!”



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