Christmas Men’s Hairstyles 2016: Trendy and Formal Party Hairstyles to Try This Holiday Season

Christmas Men's Hairstyles 2016: Trendy and Formal Party Hairstyles to Try This Holiday Season
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff / Getty

Now that it’s Christmas, it’s time for the guys to let their hair down. This holiday season will no doubt bring about a lot of get-togethers, and men will finally have an excuse to get those trendy and formal party hairstyles they’ve often dreamed of. The thing is that for Christmas men’s hairstyles 2016, there are a lot of popular choices out there and some room for experimentation. Some Christmas men’s hairstyles are based on trendy party hairstyles that have been popular all year, while others are newer and more informal.

Formal Offerings

With the need for trendy party hairstyles at this time of year, many male haircuts for the holidays call for a slick look. You’ve probably seen variations of these on the street or in ads: a slick top with short or buzzed sides. In the industry, this is known as the “scissor cut.” This has been a stylish hairstyle throughout 2016. Once you get the cut you want, it’s pretty easy to get it slick by applying a dab of matte hair treatment to give it some shine. Once you’ve done that, it’s just a matter of combing it the way that looks best on you. The only issue you might notice is your hair’s volume; thick hair can be structured upwards while thinner, fine hair typically rests lower on top of the head.

One of the hairstyle trends most common these days is to grow out a beard matching one’s hair and to wear the hair over the forehead. For a beard, you just need to let it grow out and then use clippers to keep the desired length. For the over-the-forehead look, you’ll have to use your fingers to shape hair once you’ve applied your hair treatment. In any case, make sure to use a quality shampoo to help keep hair smooth.

Other Options

While the options mentioned above are some of the best men’s hairstyles, there are other hairstyles for men that work for both formal and party occasions this holiday season. If you have longer hair, there are some braided hairstyles you can try out, but those are for more informal settings. If you are concerned about formalities, the safest bet for Christmas men’s hairstyles might be just a traditional cut with short sides and a top of about one inch in length, treated with just a small amount of clay, paste, or gel to give the hair some definition or make it stand higher.



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