Christmas Nail Art Designs 2016: Crazy Ideas You Need to Try This Holiday Season

Credit: Instagram @thenailtrail
Credit: Instagram @thenailtrail

There are many great things about the holiday season, but more than anything is that it allows you to experiment with some crazy ideas in your look—including your nails. For whatever parties you are going to, you have some chances to get the perfect Christmas nail art you want. The other great thing is that Christmas nail art designs 2016 are so numerous that you can work through a bunch or even combine them to get a really fantastic design unique to your own fashion sense.

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Down to the Tips

Festive nail art ideas mix the creative with the funny and absurd all in one manicure design. Who knew you could put winter patterns as holiday nail art designs? But you can. Here are some of the latest nail trends:


This is an ultra-cool nail polish design. You can use nail polish and paint different grey streaks as icicles on the nails’ ends.


You can do a lot with a mix of glitter. Finding the right white, green, and red glitter combination and painting each nail with one color or in a pattern will give you great Yuletide sparkle under the Christmas lights.

Snowflakes or Knit Patterns

These are often the most intricate manicure designs. Snowflakes and the knit patterns you’ve seen on your grandmothers’ needlepoint look sophisticated, bring back sentimental memories, and can be recreated in a multitude of colors as Christmas nail art designs.

Christmas Pudding

This is where you can start having some fun. Using a white base, you can paint on red and green holiday decorations at the nail’s base, then paint drizzling brown chocolate on the ends. You might make a few people hungry with this one!

The Christmas Sweater

Now you can have even more fun. Those loud but heartwarming Christmas sweater designs from decades past can be replicated on your fingernails. You just need some multicolored nail polish and maybe a little glitter for added punch.

Some of these designs can get a little complex, so you may wish to consult your local nail stylist for assistance.

DIY Art Nail Designs

Don’t think that you have to be a slave to the local style salon to get professional-looking Christmas nails. There are some Christmas nail art designs that you can do in your own bathroom. Try these:


After using a light blue polish as a background on your nails, you can paint on the white, orange, red, and black with a pin or toothpick to create miniature snowmen on your nails.

Christmas Tree

Once you paint your nails a sparkly red, you can place Scotch tape on the nails to create edges of where you want to paint a silver Christmas tree.

Glittery Santa Hat

This is easy. Just use red nail polish, then add white on the ends, and finish with a line of silver glitter right on the border between the white and red parts. Now you’ve got a whole hat on our nails.


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