Christmas Party Dress 2016: Learn How To Transform Maxi Dresses and Skirts Into Pieces of Sheer Glamour!

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Maxi dresses are surreal! They are graceful, elegant, chic and can be paired with just about anything to create a stunning new look instantly. There are plenty of party dresses for women available today; however, few are as versatile as a maxi dress. The breezy silhouette looks wonderful with big graphic prints, simple florals, laced up or in all-denim! With designers going gaga over the impact that something as simple as a maxi dress can create, there are no limitations to how you can wear one!

This upcoming holiday season is the best time to experiment with a maxi dress. A long maxi dress makes for a stylish Christmas party dress, paired with the right accessories, shoes and bag.

How to wear a maxi dress casually:

For a casual take on a maxi dresses, keep them simple. Casual maxi dresses can be worn in prints, stripes, florals, and boho style or as a plain solid color.

#1. A simple floral or striped white maxi dress looks breezy with a pair of colorful Chuck Taylors and a waist-length jacket. Pair with a simple bracelet and tiny earrings.

#2. To give a casual look to a flowy or plain black maxi dress in chiffon, team it with boots, a pastel colored purse and feather earrings.

#3. Maxi dresses can also be shortened from the hip and worn as a maxi skirt. Sew in good elastic around the waistline to give it better fitting. Maxi skirts can be worn with a pretty top or a casual checked shirt and dainty slippers.

#4. Another way to go casual with a maxi dress is by layering it with a t-shirt inside. These look best with sleeveless or a dress with straps, allowing the tee to peep out. For even more character, add a jacket or shrug and make it the perfect outfit for summers.

#5. Alternatively, you can opt for a single color maxi dress with solid color peep toes and a vintage tan bag.

#6. Another wonderful option is to pair a vibrant, flowy maxi dress with closed-toe shoes, bomber jacket and an oversized tote. It makes for a simple yet chic Christmas party dress, too.

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How to style a maxi dress for a party:

#1. For an evening look, team a polka dot maxi dress with classic stilettoes, a studded clutch and long earrings. Add even more drama with a bright pout and Smokey eyes.

#2. A rhinestone necklace or bracelet adds wonders to an otherwise simple black or white maxi dress. Finish with a sequined purse or clutch for an ultimate Christmas party dress.

#3. Maxi dresses can also be teamed with a corduroy jacket and a leather cognac belt for added flair. Alternatively, team a satin scarf or sash around the waist for an elegant evening attire.

#4. Maxi dresses with sleeves can be work with a netted shrug or simply on its own with ballerina shoes and a classy hairdo.

#5. A formal ankle-length maxi dress in black looks glamorous as a Christmas party dress with a leather jacket and bold pumps. Keep the accessories and makeup minimal.

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