Christmas Party Hairstyle Inspiration: Get the Celebrity Hair Look You’ve Always Wanted

Credit: Instagram @hairromance
Credit: Instagram @hairromance

Christmas Hairstyles

Messy Up-do: Emma Watson

The key to making your up-do artfully messy, rather than actually messy, is to create texture before styling it. Cosmopolitan suggests that you “tong your hair all over first, and use some dry shampoo for a matte texture.”

Soft and Shiny: Gwyneth Paltrow

Copy Gwyneth Paltrow’s shiny hair curls this holiday season for a classic look. Hairstylist Matt Fuagte says, “create a deep side part, throw all your hair to one side, and let it evolve throughout the night.”

Pushed-back Volume: Blake Lively

Blake’s high volume ‘do is super retro, and a fun look that anyone can pull off. This perfect party hairstyle for medium hair can be achieved by sectioning your hair off and backcombing it until you reach your desired height.

Twisted Low Bun: Selena Gomez  

A classic low bun with a little bit of a twist will showcase your features. A pair of long of graphic earrings will help frame them too.


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Sexy Starlet Waves: Elizabeth Banks

This vampy look is perfect for that black-tie holiday party! Elizabeth Banks’ hairstylist Adir Abergel says it’s best to start with day old hair when you want soft, cascading waves.

Braided Headband: Kirsten Dunst

An intricate looking style, this option isn’t as hard to create as you’d think. Here’s how Allure suspects Kirsten Dunst pulled her braided headband off: “Create a low side ponytail, then braid half of it and wrap it around your crown so it looks like a headband. Pin it into place, and twist the other half of the ponytail into a bun.”

French-Braided Bun: Kourtney Kardashian

This stylish celeb simply French braided her hair before twisting it into a bun—an incredibly easy party hairstyle!

Pinned-Back Texture: Ashley Tisdale

Tisdale texturized her hair by roughly blow drying it, using a curling iron, and strategically backcombing sections. Pinning only half of her hair up, she let some tendrils fall around her face to frame her features.

Side Pony: Beyoncé

A deep side part and vampy wave gives this otherwise simple hairstyle a festive twist!

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Piled High Hair: Rihanna

Leave it to Rihanna to pull off this impossibly easy party hairstyle. After styling and taming her curls, she simply put her hair in a high pony and piled all of her curls on top. Letting a few curls fall gives this look a casual yet classy vibe.



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