Cindy Crawford, 50, Looks as Young as Daughter Kaia Gerber, Talks Insensitivity about Aging

Cindy Crawford, 50, Looks as Young as Daughter Kaia Gerber, Talks Insensitivity about Aging
(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

Even at 50, former supermodel Cindy Crawford looks as young as her 15-year-old daughter, model Kaia Gerber. Crawford talks about the insensitivity of aging and discusses her skin care and anti-aging secrets.

They may be 35 years apart, but you couldn’t tell by the way Crawford looks.

The mother-daughter pair shamelessly flaunted their striking looks recently during a fashion awards party in New York City. The pair posed in similar black dresses and strapped heels. It looks like modeling really does run in the family.

Gerber has been following in her mother’s footsteps, and even starred on the cover of her first magazine when she was just 14 years old. The teenage model is also the new face of Marc Jacobs Beauty and received the award for Breakthrough Model of the Year at The Daily Front Row’s Fashion Media Awards. And to celebrate, the young model went to the Maybelline after party!

Gerber received her award from none other than famous fashion designer Marc Jacobs himself. The 53-year-old designer was honored to present Gerber with the award.

Skin Care

If you’ve been wondering how Crawford looks as good as she does, it’s through skin care. She doesn’t solely rely on makeup.

“The secret is that there is no secret,” the stunning supermodel said in a past interview with Violet Gray while looking youthful as ever in a photo shoot for The Violet Files. “Do all the stuff we know: Don’t smoke, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, find what makes you happy.”

Meaningful Beauty

Crawford, the original supermodel, is now a super mom and super skin care guru, after starting her skin care brand Meaningful Beauty.

“I always felt as a model, my job was to take care of my skin. Just show up so that everyone else could do their job, which meant that I fit the clothes, that my skin looked good, that my hair was clean, that my nails looked decent,” said Crawford in an Elle interview.

Crawford also wants to teach her daughter the meaning of inner beauty, the kind that exist without makeup.

“For my daughter, I want her to feel beautiful with and without makeup, that she can go out of the house with a clean face. That’s why it makes taking care of your skin even more important.”

Tackling Aging

“I don’t want to look in the mirror every day and be down on myself,” she explained to E! News. “Look, I’m holding together pretty good, but I don’t look like I did when I was 25 or 30 or even 40. What I’m finding for myself is that if I continue to be engaged, to do what I love, that’s how I get my self-esteem cup filled. I get a lot of that from my family and work.”

Dealing with wrinkles isn’t easy, but Crawford believes in keeping it together by not only investing in her line but also eating right, not smoking, doing what makes you happy, and exercising.



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