Corporate Holiday Party Themes 2016: Christmas Circus, Masquerade Ball, Santa’s Workshop, Carol Karaoke

[EDITED; TO BANK] Corporate Holiday Party Themes 2016: Christmas Circus, Masquerade Ball, Santa’s Workshop, Carol Karaoke
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You’ve often heard it: “I’m not going to the corporate holiday party. It’s just banal and the same old stuff. You show up, get a free meal, enjoy a drink, talk to the boss and the spouse, and then leave. Forget it!” Sometimes it’s better than that, but it’s often true that corporate holiday parties are pretty dull and lacking in creative party ideas. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Trying out new corporate holiday party themes 2016 with fun Christmas party theme names can make for a more entertaining annual party. Which are good to use? Corporate holiday party themes like a masquerade ball, Santa’s workshop, Christmas circus, carol karaoke, and a Nightmare Before Christmas party are all fun and engaging for attendees of all walks of life.

Five-Theme Breakdown

If you break down the aforementioned company Christmas party themes, you see what they can bring to a corporate holiday party in terms of entertainment, dress up themes, food, and even music.

The Christmas Circus—If you went to the circus or even the county fair when you were small, you remember the fun of all the rides and games there. The circus theme is good for office holiday parties. Throwing games, ring tosses, or mini-putt can be incorporated. If you have some extra cash, you can add circus decorations like large mirrors and fancy lights, and you can even add performers like jugglers or balloon-sculpture clowns.

The Masquerade Ball—This has become more popular recently. Instead of mandating that people dress up in fancy dresses and tuxedos, you can organize Christmas party costume themes such as Santa Claus, the elves, and Frosty the Snowman with masks. You can even have mystery people, aka the corporate executive team, handing out food and drink.

Santa’s Workshop—You’ve likely got storybook memories of Santa’s workshop. One of these holiday party theme ideas can allow for great decorations like the toy production line or the candy-making factory. You can even create actual stations where party staff hand out candy at the candy factory or gift boxes at the toy production line.

Carol Karaoke—Even if attendees can’t or don’t like to sing, this is one of the most powerful corporate holiday party themes. You can set up a karaoke machine with Christmas carols so attendees and their spouses can sing their favorites, perhaps in groups and for prizes.

Nightmare Before Christmas Party—Giving a nod to the famous film of the same name, this is one of the most fun corporate holiday party themes. You can decorate in black and white, Halloween-style, and serve more autumn-style dishes like soups, roast meats, and cheeses. If you really want to add something interesting, offer prizes for guests who dress up.



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