Cut This Off Your Grocery List Right Away to Lower Your Blood Sugar

Cut This Off Your Grocery List Right Away to Lower Your Blood SugarThe standard North American diet contains a lot of sugar from sodas, sweets, and desserts, and the high consumption of sugar is known to be a significant underlying cause of a number of serious and sometimes fatal diseases.

Your anti-aging diet may contain much more sugar than you think it does. An average piece of fruit contains natural sugar, but when these fruits are transformed into drinks, do you know how much sugar you are consuming? Believe it or not, those fruit juices may really be sabotaging your anti-aging diet. If you think fruit juices are always better for your anti-aging diet than sodas, think again!

The sugar content is actually very similar in many fruit juices and sodas, according to a study published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology. For example, the energy density and sugar content are similar when comparing cola and apple juice. Cola contains 105 kcal (kilo calories) and 26.5 g of sugar, and the “healthy” apple juice in your anti-aging diet has 110 kcal and 26 g of sugar.

The average person doesn’t realize that fruit juice can be a big culprit behind their sugar problem; they assume that because it’s supposedly made from fruit, it must be good for their anti-aging diet. The researchers conducted another survey with more than 2,000 participants, asking them to guess the sugar content of the soft drinks, fruit smoothies, and fruit juice in their anti-aging diet. The study showed that the average participant underestimated the sugar content of fruit juice and smoothies by 48%, which means there’s a good chance they’re underestimating how much sugar is really in their anti-aging diet.

Take pomegranate juice for instance. The average participant in the study estimated 0.5 teaspoons of sugar in 3.5 ounces of juice, but in reality, every fluid ounce of pomegranate juice contains one teaspoon of sugar. There was a 550% miscalculation. In fact, the pomegranate juice had similar sugar content to a sparkling orange glucose drink. Meanwhile, fruit squash, a fruit smoothie, pure orange juice, and pure apple juice were comparable in sugar content to the cola drink, caffeinated energy drink, and the non-fruit flavored carbonated soft drink.

This common misperception may lead people to include more fruit juice in their anti-aging diet, which only further contributes to the problem of consuming too much sugar.

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