David Beckham Hairstyles: Get Inspired by These Hair Ideas and Trends

David Beckham Hairstyles
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From the moment David Beckham stepped onto the scene, he’s been a total heartthrob—he continues to be one well into his 40s. With his killer physique and impeccable style, it’s no wonder than men and women of all ages fawn over him.

Though his aesthetic appeal has never wavered, one thing that has changed is his hairstyle. David Beckham’s hairstyles have ranged from crew cuts to cornrows, and everything in between. Unafraid to take risks, this star athlete’s ideas and trends—when it comes to hair—are sure to inspire.

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Hairstyles of David Beckham

David Beckham has been a man of many hairstyles—some good, others not so much. Despite his resemblance to a Greek God (or should we say, British), Beckham is human, and has had his fair share of questionable hair cuts. Here’s a list of a few of the most memorable David Beckham hair cuts, both good and bad.

Pompadour: This soccer star rocks his pompadour in a variety of styles. From extra long or voluminous on the top, to a slight lift at the roots and swept to the side, he can do no wrong with this look. Beckham’s expertly coiffed hair is definitely one of our favorites!

Cornrows: We’ll give Beckham a pass on this fashion faux pas, since we know cornrows were all the rage back in 2003 when he rocked this hairdo. Plus, he’s graced us with a ton of other amazing looks. We can look past this one, don’t you think?

Mohawk: Beckham pulled off this edgy look flawlessly. It was a nice change from his typical look, though he eventually grew the rest of his hair back in.

Crewcut: A low maintenance option, this wasn’t one of his worst haircuts. But if you have a gorgeous full head of hair like he does, why not show it off?

How to Get David Beckham’s Hairstyle

David Beckham’s hair in 2016 has mainly been the ever so popular undercut. With his perfectly coiffed hair, many are interested in learning what it takes to achieve this dapper look. Luckily, GQ has broken down the tips on how to get David Beckham’s hair.

Clean hair isn’t key: The dirt and oil that builds up when you refrain from washing your hair for a few days can help build texture and volume, allowing your hair to stay in place more easily.

Find the right combination of products: This will involve some trial and error. Everyone’s hair is different, so your perfect products may be different from someone else’s. Start exploring and trying different hair products—GQ suggests beginning with a styling paste or wax, and a dry shampoo.

Try backcombing: Not everyone is fortunate enough to be blessed with the thick head of hair that Beckham was. If your hair is a little thinner and more limp, backcombing might work for you. Here’s GQ’s gentlemen’s guide to backcombing:
“Take the underside of the front section of your hair and use a brush to push the hair towards the scalp in one fluid motion. Once you’ve achieved some height, smooth the section back to cover the back-combing.”

Use some heat: Using a round brush while you blow dry your hair will also promote a voluminous coif. “Using a round brush, lift the front section of your hair and apply some heat to underside of the section before combing back.” This method can also help your smooth the front section back, and distribute the product you applied earlier.

Beckham has sported a variety of looks in his time, and continues to change things up ever so often. He can do no wrong in our eyes (unless he gets cornrows again), so we can’t wait for what this dapper athlete will come up with next!

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