Demi Lovato Goes Blonde? Goldilocks Demi in Mexico City with Paulina Rubio

Demi Lovato and Paulina Rubio Reunite in Mexico City, Singer Calls Herself 'Goldie Locks' after Her Blonde Looks
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

With new blonde hair, Demi Lovato teamed up with Paulina Rubio during a Mexico City concert. Lovato revealed the hair makeover on her Instagram, appropriately captioning it “Goldie locks.” The hairstyle is quite different from what we’re used to from Lovato, as she has commonly stuck with shades of brown or black in the past. It seems her fans are taking a liking to Lovato’s new hairstyle with many of them giving compliments and words of praise. So far the photo has achieved 1.3 million likes and continues to be liked with each passing day.

Goldie locks ?

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Lovato and Rubio almost looked like sisters while performing on stage, Rubio even referred to blonde-haired Demi as her little sister on Instagram.

The hair makeover came soon after Lovato made a public statement that although she is excited for 2017, she feels that she is not meant for this business:

This statement comes after a slew of public statement’s that Lovato has released; she went after Taylor Swift, and even made negative comments about a fan’s artwork of her. Is Lovato sick of taking the heat for speaking of her mind? Her decision to leave music may suggest so.

Lovato’s Struggles with Body Image

Lovato lives with bipolar disorder and has previously struggled with depression and eating disorders. Although she has admitted to being in a better place now, maybe the stress of being in the limelight is catching up to the young singer.

Rubio and Lovato appropriately sang the Cyndi Lauper classic “Girls Just Want To Have Fun,” and that is what they did while on stage. With Lovato’s new hairstyle, it was almost difficult at times to tell the two singers apart from each other.

Lovato has come a long way since her rehab days, and she promotes fitness any chance she gets. Lately she has been focusing on MMA-style training, which she has documented on her social media. The singer can be seen throwing some serious punches.

Lovato has spent the last year or so touring with best friend Nick Jonas, and maybe 2017 is just going to give her some much needed time off. She has admitted that she would like to get involved in more charity work.

It doesn’t matter what color Demi Lovato’s hair is, whether it be brunette or blonde, because the singer always looks amazing. We hope that the next year brings her peace so that she can come back stronger than ever.


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