Demi Moore Flaunts Radiant Skin at David O. Russell & Prada Collaboration, 54-Year-Old Looks 20 Years Younger

Demi Moore
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff /Getty

Demi Moore flaunted her ageless, radiant skin at the David O. Russell and Prada collaboration event in Los Angeles. The 54-year-old actress seems to be looking younger with each passing year. The event was to celebrate the short film Past Forward.

Along with her white dress with pink, blue, and green florals, Moore also showed off her ageless skin.

Everyone is definitely jealous of Demi Moore’s ageless look, but how does she continue to look so young? Although some may speculate that Moore has had fillers and injections, those remedies may actually be furthest from the truth. Unfortunately, we may never know the exact secrets behind Moore’s ageless skin because she is contracted by CoverGirl. But is it really CoverGirl products that are keeping Moore looking so young? If that were the case, everyone would be cleaning the shelves purchasing the cosmetic line.

It seems that the secret may not be so secret, as one source claims that celebrity physician Dr. Oz has opened up about the anti-aging skin cream that many celebrities use. Play it on Point reports that the wrinkle remover that many high-end celebrities are using religiously is called Revive.

The product contains two top anti-aging ingredients known as proprietary biosphere and QuSome. These are apparently natural ingredients that work to remove wrinkles and erase fine lines deep down in the skins layers, and are reportedly what make the product so effective.

Style Caster reports that another anti-aging secret for Moore’s ageless skin is a Thermage skin-tightening technique, which is a non-surgical procedure that uses radio frequencies to heat up the deep layers of the skin while keeping the surface cool. Unfortunately, this technique runs for around $3,000 a session, so it doesn’t really seem like something the average American can undergo to start looking younger.

When it comes to looking young and glowing, Moore isn’t a stranger to out-of-the-box techniques. It seems she will give anything a go if it promises to make her look years younger. She once said on The Late Show with David Letterman, “I feel like I’ve always been someone looking for the cutting edge of things that optimize your health and healing. I was in Austria doing a cleanse and part of the treatment was leech therapy. These aren’t just swamp leeches though–we are talking about highly trained medical leeches.” If you’re scared of bugs, this may not be a method you wish to try—but it goes to show the lengths to which Moore will go to stay healthy and young.

Although Demi Moore’s skin routines may seem outrageous, there is no denying that they seem to be working for her. As Moore continues to age, it seems that the hands of time have actually been put on pause. The way Moore’s skin looks at age 54 is only something many of us can dream of. Clearly she is focused on maintaining her youthful looks.


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